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The Western Xia Dynasty

Li Yichao died in and was succeeded by his brother Li Yixing. It is about 30 kilometers west of Yinchuan. Little is known about them except through accounts written by other people.

A major battle in this war was lost by a leading scientist and scientific writer of the Song named Shen Kuo — who wrote a scientific book called The Dream Pool Essays. It is known that they had a high culture for their times and fought off much bigger empires for years.

After the Jin dynasty attacked the Song and took parts of the northern territories from them, initiating the Southern Song period, Western Xia also attacked and took several thousands square miles of land.

The Silk Road trade route went through it. Mongols repeatedly attacked the Western Xia Empire from to They absorbed Western Xia troops into their army. Li Jiqian died in battle in and was succeeded by his son Li Deming. The Liao emperor fled to Western Xia in Chongzong submitted to the Jin demand for the Liao emperor and Western Xia became a vassal state of Jin.

As a result, the Tanguts often cooperated with external powers such as the Uyghurs in opposing the Tang. Li Jiqian rebelled against the Song dynasty inafter which Dingnan was recognized as the independent state of Xia. Li Deming died in and was succeeded by his son Li Yuanhao.

For the next two centuries the Xi Western Xia as the dynasty became known to distinguish it from its ancient Chinese namesake maintained an uneasy three-way truce with the Song and with the Liao dynasty —established by the Inner Asian Juchen Chinese: In Li Yuanhao declared himself the first emperor of the Great Xia with his capital at Xingqing in modern Yinchuan.

Then the Mongols devastated the empire so that few records and little architecture remained.

Western Xia

The Gansu Corridor where Gansu Province is now was in their territory. Many natural disasters occurred then, and the Western Xia ruler who was named Renzong worked to rebuild the empire. Li Sigong died in and was succeeded by his brother Li Sijian.Xi Xia, also spelled Xixia, Wade-Giles romanization Hsi Hsia, English Western Xia, kingdom of the Tibetan-speaking Tangut tribes that was established in and flourished until It was located in what are now the northwestern Chinese provinces of Gansu and Shaanxi.

writing called Clerks' Reading; in Japan, a collection of native ballads appeared in A.D. in which Chinese characters were used as a sort of Japanese syllabary. The Western Xia (Chinese: 西 夏; The kingdom developed a Tangut script to write its own Tibeto-Burman language.

Tibetans, Uyghurs, Han Chinese, and Tanguts served as officials in Western Xia. The practice of Tantric Buddhism in Western Xia led to the spread of some sexually related customs. Before they could get married to men of their Capital: Xingqing.

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Xi xia writing a business
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