Write a short note on simla conference

The defence of India would remain in British hands until power was ultimately transferred to Indians. They had taken up positions that admitted no compromise. Lord Wavell officially opened the summit at India being a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-religious country, it was decided that all religions and languages would be treated with respect.

The British India Association actively campaigned for throwing open offices to all Indians, trial by jury, and establishment of provincial and central legislative councils with elected representatives.

Gandhi not attend the conference? However on 5th February at Chauri Chura, a village in Uttra Pradesh, a group of peasants were fired upon by the police. But not a single Indian member was includedin the Simon commission. But before the congress could start repressive measures. An Indian would be appointed as the member for Foreign Affairs in the Council.

Wavell was allowed to fly back to India in June to release Congress Working Committee member and start talks that was later called Shimla Conference. This symbolic act broke the British salt laws and set the trend for civil disobedience movement that followed.

Write a short note on the Simon Commission

The official treaty record, C. In a meeting with the Viceroy on June 27, Jinnah had said that he wanted a council of fourteen, including the Viceroy and commander-in-chief with five Hindus, five Muslims, one Sikh and one Scheduled Caste.

It was on 31 May that Wavell at last got a go-ahead from the Cabinet largely on the lines he had desired. Tara Singh was to represent Sikhs and B. The main task of the assembly was to form a constitution. It decided to boycott the assembly. The Viceroy would convene a meeting of Indian politicians including the leaders of Congress and the Muslim League at which they would nominate members of the new Council.

The objectives of the Indian National Congress were proclaimed by its first president W. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the president of the Muslim league, insisted that the Muslim league be recognized as the sole representative body of the Muslim in India.

The report, recommended that India be granted dominion status immediately and demanded fundamental rights for Indian citizens. Yet he said that it was only possible if the leadership of the leading Indian political parties agreed with the suggestions of the British Government.

We can agree with Bipan Chandra that the foundation of the Congress was the natural outcome of the political awareness and work done by various bodies in the years between and Write down its three points and what was the Hindu reaction after it had passed in the meeting?

Q Write a note on Cripps Mission? Q Write a note on Simla Conference. The Simla Conference (June ) [ PM | 2 comments] Tweet. He therefore invited the great leaders to a conference in Simla on 25 June to consult with him the formation of the new Executive Council.

The Viceroy concluded the broadcast with the announcement that orders had been given for the immediate release of the members of the. The Shimla Conference was a meeting between the Viceroy and the major political leaders of British India at Simla, India. Convened to agree on and approve the Wavell Plan for Indian self-government, it reached a potential agreement for the self-rule of India that provided separate.

The struggle for independence Q1) Name a few elements of the constructive programme of Gandhi.

Essay on Indian National Congress

held the Simla conference in he planned to give representative Indian leaders all the portfolios in his council, except that of commander – in – chief. write a short note on the constituent assembly and the adoption of the. The Simla Accord, or the Convention Between Great Britain, China, and Tibet, [in] Simla, was a treaty concerning the status of Tibet negotiated by representatives of the Republic of China, Tibet and the United Kingdom in Simla in and Write a short note on Simla Conference When was Shah Waliullah (RA) born?

Also write down the name of his father and madarassah? What is Environmental pollution? Write down any three salient features of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Briefly write about the deserts of Pakistan.

Write a short note on simla conference
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