When writing a paper how many spaces after a period

Absolute consistency is easy to monitor when double spaces are never allowed, but less easy when some spaces after periods are double and others single such as those at the ends of abbreviations and initialisms in running text.

Double-spacing comes from the days when we had typewriters, and the spacing was kind of gross because typewriters are mono-spaced, right?

The adoption of that standard by major style manuals more or less codifies the single-space into law. There used to be two space stations before the International Space station when the Russians had the Mir space station, and the US has Skylab.

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Each person feels that she, of course, is right. This article surveys book typography from the s to the present.

Sentence spacing in digital media In the computer era, spacing between sentences is handled in several different ways by various software packages.

It would be better to make this comparison on paper. How much hand-wringing does it deserve? In both cases, the authors stated that there was insufficient evidence to draw a conclusion.

It is technically supposed to be 1.

One Space or Two?

The Mythology The typewriter came of age during the late 19th century. At worst, the wide space after a period is a victim of fashion. Chicago and MLA specify one—debate ended—but the popular arguments in support of the single-space after a period arguments I must confess to having perpetuated in previous writings turn out to be mostly apocryphal.

Sentence spacing studies Claims abound regarding the legibility and readability of the single and double sentence spacing methods—by proponents on both sides. Who spent the longest period in space? Figure 9 And then, inthings begin to change figure 9. After a period at the end of a sentence you do two spaces, but often only one is done.

In the era when type was set by hand, it was common to use extra space sometimes quite a bit of it after periods, a practice that continued into the first half of the twentieth century.

Figure 5 Figure 5 shows the wide space after a period to be alive and well during the Victorian period. Unless otherwise indicated, as in a particular assignment, thereshould be two spaces between sentences in order to follow properguidelines. However, with the advent of computer based writing, one space has become acceptable.

A Typographic Counter-Revolution for an in-depth explanation of the technical origins of spacing conventions. Their publications typically address orthography and grammar as opposed to matters of typography.Were you taught to put two spaces after a period at the end of a sentence? Many people were, but now most publications recommend using just one.

Here's the scoop. How Many Spaces After a Period?

How Many Spaces After a Period? Ending the Debate

By: Brian A. Klems | September 6, Q: My writing course instructor insists that I should go back through my novel manuscript and use only one space after periods instead of two spaces.

Even writing this, I found that I used two spaces after each period and had to go back and “correct” them. I originally taught myself to type (two fingers) in the early ’s.

When I hit high school, my father forced me to take a typing class where I had to make at least an “A” (the only boy in a class with 26 girls). Jan 12,  · Some people admitted to slipping sometimes and using a single space—but when writing something formal, they were always careful to use two.

adding two spaces after a period no longer. How many spaces should come after a period/full stop? I continue to use two spaces after a period when writing in a monospace font, "The Scotsman" you needed a reading age of thirteen; it was kind of the most erudite paper in the country, and they were always incredibly fussy about the typesetting, the way it was done.

May 29,  · Each person feels that she, of course, is right. "Typing two spaces after a period is single-spaced writing whether or not they realize it. Whether To Put One Space After A Period Or Two.

When writing a paper how many spaces after a period
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