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This therefore plays a role in stunting the growth in these economies since for development a health skilled population is required Webb The issues are complicated by the stereotypes of what third world and first world countries are like.

This will also show how the microlending in the third world affects the communities and the significance they have on improving the poverty levels of the affected countries.

As a result, the world is heavily dependent on inventions and machines.

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Many economic theories equate economic growth and productivity to entrepreneurship which is encouraged by micro-lending. In practice, this plan did not work out quite so well; many third world nations were exploited or undermined by the two superpowers who feared these supposedly neutral nations were in danger of falling into alignment with the enemy.

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In addition the facilities have poor patient conditions and there is rampant mismanagement of funds. The study of micro lending will assist in helping the third world countries improve their economy and consequently raising the living standards of their people. This research proposal will contain the various approaches towards the investigation of the impact of micro-lending on poverty levels in the third world countries and will contain necessary recommendations.

In the third world countries, women are the vast majority and micro-lending targets them since they are the ones who contribute most to the society. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the term Second World largely fell out of use and the The third world essay of First World extended to include all developed countries while the term Third Word has become a neologism for the least developed countries.

However, ghettos have risen from poor lifestyle through the determination of the new generation. The research will be conducted aided by sources from all over the world since poverty levels affect the entire human race with the third world countries being the mostly affected having the highest numbers of people living below the poverty line.

This has resulted into too many deaths and, therefore, has slowed down economic growth in developing countries. The populations of third World countries are generally very poor with high birth rates. Their economies are weak as compared to other great nations.

Water problems affect almost half of humanity with third world countries being the mostly affected. Nowadays, ghetto is just a home of people with low wage, where food, shelter, and clothes are so cheap that they are affordable to everyone.

People in the first world, for example, often describe third world countries as underdeveloped, overpopulated, and oppressed. Custom Third World Poverty Essay. The term ghetto was first introduced in Venice and was used to define the section settled by the Jews.

Financial Stability One of the major problems facing these countries is the lack of enough capital for investments. The sub questions in this research will include: The dependency theory suggests that multinational corporations and organizations such as the IMF and World Bank have contributed to making third world countries dependent on first world countries for economic survival.

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And poverty has slowed advancement of technology in third world countries due to lack of resources. Most of the people living in poverty have a mentality of helplessness which is tried to be got ridden of by providing microfinance to them thereby changing their perception towards life.

This research will be primarily focused on microlending as a possible solution to the eradication of poverty.

In the developing economies however, affordable health care are complicated by sub-standard Institutions and inadequate services. Most of these countries are the developing nations of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Most of the third world countries lack resources to basic human necessities to provide to their citizens. The problem is that the perceived effectiveness of microlending on alleviating global poverty has been mixed and differs among experts.

They are in most cases not considered to be eligible for a loan since most financial institutions consider them to be possible loan defaulters in future. Micro-lending also known as microfinance refers to the act of giving out small loans to people who are in need.

Scholars also question whether the idea of development is biased in favour of Western thought. How do microloans empower women in the third world countries How the microloans help the poverty level in the community What impact does micro-lending have on poverty levels in third world countries Can micro-lending alone eliminate poverty in third world countries The research will include studies conducted in all parts of the world concerning third world countries.

The richest 20 percent accounts for three-quarters of world income. Health care is so far one of the problematic aspects in all the developing economies. The people being given the microloans are normally not able to meet the minimum qualifications of accessing the traditional bank loans since they have no stable employment and also they do not have a good verifiable credit history.

Such a research can also be used by international funding agencies and non-governmental organizations in analyzing their impacts and finding better ways of carrying on in their fight against poverty. The conclusion will be as a result of a comprehensive analysis of poverty in the third world countries.

For instance, health care sector has been neglected due to lack of funds, and, therefore, affects the standards of the services provided in medical institutions. They debate whether population growth is a main source of problems in the third world or if the problems are more complex and thorny than that.

This can be achieved using various mechanisms and microlending is by far the most used means to eradicate poverty.

In general they are not as industrialised or technologically advanced as the first world.Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more.

Get started now! Check out this Poverty in Third World Countries essay paper. Buy exclusive Poverty in Third World Countries essay cheap. Order Poverty in Third World Countries essay. Conflicts in the Third World - In this essay I will discuss why the Third World has been the sight of most of the world's conflicts since The conflicts that have transpired.

The "Third World" countries all have similar characteristics such as, high birth rates, poverty, high infant morality, high death rates, short life expectancy and dependence on the more advanced countries or "first world"/5(3).

Sample of Third World Poverty Essay (you can also order custom written Third World Poverty essay). Bangledesh as a Third world country Essay. Bangladesh as a third world country The term third world country original came during the Cold War as a term to describe countries not allied with the Eastern Bloc or with the West.

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