The sea of grass

In private, Brock confesses to his sister that he could not stand a trial because it would bring up the reason for the fight, and humiliate their father. Just before arriving, she learns that he has been killed.

She goes to Denver. On his deathbed, he chides Brewton for driving Lutie away by his emotional distance.

Brewton tells Lutie that he had warned her the settlers faced severe challenges.

The Sea of Grass

Brewton goes after him when Sara Beth tells why Brock skipped bail. Brewton insists that Brock return to town and stand trial. He is visiting the settlers because he had helped them file their claim on the land.

As he arms himself and his men to ward off the settlers, Lutie pleads with him to reconsider. As the years pass, the town doctor keeps Lutie informed about her children through letters. Lutie gives birth to a daughter, Sara Beth.

Sara Beth visits her mother in her hotel room, warning her against trying to see Brewton and stirring up more trouble. He will preside over land disputes, which increase as the government encourages homesteading. During a card game, his opponent refers repeatedly to Brock only as "judge", referring to Chamberlain.

Sara Beth breaks down and invites her mother back to the house, where she reconciles with Brewton. They argue in the abandoned sod house, where Brewton prepares his ammunition, and he gets Lutie to confess to the affair with Chamberlain.

Brewton reaches the cabin where the posse is exchanging gunfire with Brock, who is holed up inside.

She has had a short courtship with a cattle rancher of New Mexico. He shares his concerns that Brock has grown into a reckless young man, too endowed with charm and luck.

The two have a discreet affair, and Lutie decides to return to Brewton. Fearful for his wheat crop, knowing its destruction would spell the ruin of his farm, the man goes out of the house with his rifle, planning to scare off the cattle.

Brewton believes that Chamberlain will decide in favor of settlers on "his" land. Convinced that fighting would cause too much damage to her children, Lutie stays away. She decides to keep traveling to San Francisco later that night.

Back at the ranch, Brewton takes her out to see the vast prairie. Having lost their crop and baby, they are broken and concede the land to Brewton.

Once Brock is bailed out of jail, he returns home and confesses the incident to his father and sister. Louis, she runs into Chamberlain. The rest of the ranch hands severely beat the farmer. He runs his cattle on government-owned land, and opposes homesteaders because he believes the Great Plains do not get enough rain to sustain farming.

The first person she meets in town is Brice Chamberlain Melvyn Douglaswho warns her of likely unhappiness with Brewton, locally considered a tyrant. Brock decides to flee, and the sheriff pursues him with a posse.

After her return to Salt Fork, she gives birth to a boy, whom she names Brock. She agrees to leave, but Brewton refuses to let her take the two children.

When Lutie visits the settlers as they build their sod houseshe is surprised to see Chamberlain. He explains how he had fought with Indians to run his cattle there and to make it fit for ranching.

Having read in the newspaper that Brock was on the run, Lutie returns by train to Salt Fork.Overview of The Sea of Grass,directed by Elia Kazan, with Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Robert Walker, at Turner Classic Movies. Apr 25,  · Card at beginning: This story takes place for the most part against the background of the sea of grass - that vast grazing empire which once covered the western part of north America from the great plains to the rocky mountains, and beyond/10(K).

Dec 10,  · The Sea of Grass is a novel by Conrad Richter. It is set in New Mexico in the late 19th century, and concerns the clash between rich ranchers, whose cattle run freely on government-owned land, a prairie "sea of grass," and the homesteaders or "nesters," who.

"The Sea of Grass" is the fourth of the nine films that Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn made together, and for me it is the least appealing one of the lot.

The MGM film was directed by Elia Kazan from Conrad Richter's novel, "The Sea of Grass" about the fierce struggle between the open-range cattlemen and the farmers who are civilizing /5(57).

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The sea of grass
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