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However, what South Park takes issue in this episode is the absurd and superficial definition that Facebook has introduced to the word friend.

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Communities fail to acknowledge Hybrid gang members of all ages and that they are used by the gang in the unlawful sale of narcotics and other illegal actions.

It can certainly be said that on the surface South Park is offensive to many, but deeper meanings within the episodes revel a level of sophistication that give it a much broader audience than just people looking for crude humor. Episode Analysis This episode is yet another classic example of the pure satire that so critical to the success of South Park as a television series.

In the often impersonal world of the internet, and as the mockery of the episode suggests, a friend has become a mere commodity to be bargained and traded like a stock.

This episode is yet another classic example of the way in which South Park uses classic satire, parody and mockery to create an audience that is sophisticated while still leaving room for crude humor that no doubt many people still enjoy.

When Kyle begins to lose friends after adding Kip, he seeks out Stan in desperation. Others might consider people who are merely social acquaintances to be friends. Here Facebook profiles are shown to be the superficial characters that they are.

They also do not acknowledge that firearms and gang violence go hand in hand. Meanwhile, Kyle having learned that a boy named Kip Drordry has no friends, decides to friend him on Facebook out of pity.

Right now, there are more hybrid gangs in Florida than ever before, with approximately in South Florida alone, as stated by the latest state study. It is a wrong belief that hybrid gang only function in less wealthy districts. Communities lack acknowledgment of understanding the characteristics of hybrid gangs.

I believe that South Park owes its success to its rich mixture of satire, parody, and mockery that it uses to take aim at contemporary culture and values. When he is added as a friend by Kyle, he becomes ecstatic and excited much like a child making a real friend would become.

For example, it would seem that poor Kip is a child without any semblance to the life of an ordinary child.

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While some cartoons provide an escape through slapstick, such as the old Tom and Jerry cartoons, South Park instead provides an escape because it challenges the comfort that we have in society.

Hybrid gangs are not a new threat, nevertheless the most recent state study displays the problem is getting worse especially in South Florida.

But to his surprise, the computer will not allow him and sucks him into the Facebook world. In one study based on responses from male inmates in 6 juvenile correctional facilities in 4 States, researchers found that movement from nongame membership to gang membership brought increases in most forms of gun-involved conduct.

South Florida does not acknowledge that the gangs belong to one of two alliances, either "People" or "Folks. They do not understand that Hybrid gang show their uniqueness and unity in obvious ways for instance jewelry, colored clothing, jargon, and signals Crews, Still, South Park is able to accomplish all of this while maintain rich humor and not having to explain itself.

His difficulty is enhanced when his girlfriend Wendy discovers that his profile has him listed as single. Becker The hippie moments might have started out as good intention but quickly turned into something excessive.

Stan, after finally being pushed to the limit by constant harassment over his Facebook Profile, decides to delete his profile.

Forty-five percent described gun theft as a regular. It is this rich satire and cultural criticism that people often subconsciously seek that have allowed and likely will continue to make South Park one of the most thoughtful adult targeted cartoons.

The absurdity that South Park is highlighting here is the degree to which some in our society take serious social networking friends. Not only does the deeper level of humor in South Park make it all the more hilarious, but it also allows the creators to put offensive content in context and make its viewers reflect on the values of society.

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Kip despondent, once again has no friends.Jan 21,  · View and download south park essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your south park essay. This could be accomplished through a sensitivity analysis * He should show his cash flow netted with the mortgage payment as this reflects the true cash flow of the investment Essay on South Park Satire Words | 5 Pages.

South Park isn't afraid to offend, and is an effective political and social satire. It uses clear-cut; in you face, to the point methods of satire, which can at times be very shocking.

South Park is a show that takes place in South Park, Colorado, a small rural mountain town, mostly during the winter/5(5). Abstract South Park is an icon of modern satire and humor in America. This sitcom is a source of thousands of winged phrases culprit billion. An analysis of Ocean Park Essay examples Words | 12 Pages.

Introduction Hong Kong Ocean Park is considered as a one of world’s largest marine park, located on the south end of Show More. More about Essay In The Park Analysis. Market Analysis: Walt Disney's Hong Kong Park Words | 2 Pages; Ocean Park Analysis. An Analysis of South Park's Controversial Episodes Essay series South Park has on its younger viewers.

South Park is a comedy show that takes on a variety of themes in nearly all of its episodes, including various political and social issues.

South park analysis essay
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