Research paper on international financial reporting standards

Germany has hence made it mandatory for all the banks to use the IFRS reporting for the one reason that it is advantageous for the countries growth in economy which every country requires and the cases of inflation are very low with the use of IFRS reporting.

It has gone ahead to come up with two groupings of exceptions to the most important of exposition application of each IFRS that are valuable on the reporting date, the standard do not allow retrospective of some characteristics that is the mandatory exceptions of some IFRS members and then gives a chance for the exclusion from some requirements of other IFRS members.

The IFRS management has not in any way taken into consideration the laws that have been set by the countries and this becomes a problem, they state that they are true and fair in the country bills but this is not well reflected in their deeds.

Challenges facing IFRS Challenges are part of any new implement and this is no different with IFRS, it has also faced some challenges which include the worry that the value of the IFRS may not be accurate because of the fact it is dealing with value of very many different countries worldwide.

The case of deutsche bank is one valid case that can be used to identify that IFRS are of great importance and every bank in the world should work with this standards.

The corrosion of the acclaim worthy loans has always been renowned via loan loss provisions, when you apply the impairment rules of the bookkeeping management in specific establishments. This made it easy for Deutsche Bank to continue reporting with IFRS, it opened its first statement at the transition date following the first time adoption process using the 31st December IFRS adopted.

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International Financial Reporting Standards - Research Paper Example

Problem Statement It is not right to say that the idea of the financial convergence just began in because it was started long before that. Examples of these countries are Australia and European Union who had a problem agreeing to the adoption due to sovereignty issue.

The IFRS also helps the promising small or medium sized companies in their financial reporting needs. IFRS was started off in to help to bring into line accounting in Europe, this was greatly appreciated and achieved especially with the European Union and it was the spread in the world at large.

This is said to lead to higher earnings in the beginning and lower earnings at the end which aggravates the fluctuations of the banks incomes. It is also noted that the effects of the forced IFRS adoption on the IPO under pricing and proceeds raised from the foreign market, are more advanced in the firms that are in countries that go through large accounting changes.

To add to this the rules and the laws of the IFRS are very simple and easy to understand thus they cannot be in anyway be confused in any country around the world. Comparing the US banking which have not adopted the IFRS with the Europe banking it is very clear that the US banking do not have any income smoothing change as compared to the European banks which have significant smoothing changes.

The financial Accounting Standards Board suggested that the accounting standards needed to be updated implementing reasonable ethics and measurements back in May The regulations stated that all the European companies had to adopt the IFRS with the consolidated companies that do not trade on a regulated security market starting in There have been suggestions about incorporating the study of the IFRS adoption in the educational systems to help train people on these standards.

There is also the fact that the IFRS is not interested in making any profits from the given reports. All this conclusions support the fact that the effects of IFRS adoption are advantageous to firms that want to improve their financial targets.

The first time adopters have a chance to choose options within the bookkeeping standards; it is mandatory for a company to adopt the IFRS during the first submission of the fiscal reports on the reporting day.

It also hopes to encourage as many countries as possible to use these standards in their financial accounting. This has however been checked into, and it also a fact that all the businesses universally are going for the IFRS which has always been giving accurate reports which are not in any way biased.

International Financial Reporting Standards: an Analysis from Deutsche Bank

The above analysis leads us to think that the overseas investors do not get the pamphlet with fiscal statements in their own local GAAP during the IFRS phase. It is vital for a unit to apply the existing edition of IFRS throughout all periods presented in its first set of IFRS pecuniary statements and also in its opening report of pecuniary position.International Financial Reporting Standards into the Financial Reporting System for U.S.

Issuers A Comparison of U.S. GAAP and IFRS A Securities and Exchange Commission Staff Paper November 16, OFFICE OF THE CHIEF ACCOUNTANT UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. ISRA RESEARCH For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed. Share. Print. Whether the aim of financial reporting of IFIs should simply be to provide information to a wide range of users 2) Whether the financial reporting of IFIs should reflect their religious obligation.

International Financial Reporting Standards; Lease; Islamic. Research Paper Examples - International Financial Reporting Standards: an Analysis from Deutsche Bank. Assume for now that you are against the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards. Please write an essay to support your assumption.

The International Accounting Standards Board (Board) today has published for public comment a Discussion Paper on how companies issuing financial instruments should classify them in their financial statements. IAS 32 Financial Instruments: Presentation currently sets out how a company that issues.

Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) which was set by its governing body the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). The lease accounting under IFRS has some requirements.

Research paper on international financial reporting standards
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