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As we get older, we need stability and security. I was tired of having all of our future tied into the stock market and though real estate was a good diversification. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends: It seems to make sense, but all of the other times in the past it seemed to make sense too and nothing happened.

This time I looked at single family houses, but again, the reality hit me that we were not prepared to be landlords. I am not sure what will come of my latest flurry into rental properties. The book reminded me a lot of my heritage and culture.

Is The Good Earth talking to me? Time is more quickly running out on us to do something to position us for the future. Is real estate the missing piece? Buck, which is one of the few fiction books I have read and one that I really enjoyed.

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Maybe this time is the time. This time around, prices are depressed and I feel strongly that I need a revenue stream besides the stock market. When I was considering buying my first house, I thought of buying a duplex so I could live in half and make money from the other half.

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I am so glad I did not do that for so many reasons, but it was something I seriously considered. We are also getting older, so the need to think about how to fund retirement has become more urgent.

A few years after buying my first house, I looked into buying a four-flex as an investment. This was taught to me as a little boy by my grandparents and reiterated to me in the book, The Good Earth by Pearle S. Real estate is just one of those pieces of the possible future that keeps coming back to us.

What would my grandparents say? It is not a big piece of my life, at least so far, but it is an important piece, like the stock market and running my own business, both of which I will need to get to in another post.

I have always felt that real estate is a great and solid long term investment. So, back to real estate. I have invested in real estate by virtue of buying the home I am living in, but I have often toyed with being a landlord, even from the very start.

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No account of my life quest would be complete without a mention of real estate. I thought it would be great, but in the end, prices were way high on rental properties and I realized the reality that neither my wife nor I could be good landlords.

OK, I am getting off topic again. In the last three years, I have been toying with the possibility again of a rental property.Watch rencontres genevoises tube porn rencontres genevoises video and get to mobile.

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