Overpopulation in the philippines thesis statement

Oftentimes this issue is overlooked due to lack of knowledge and understanding of the subject; or, simply because most of us are so blessed that we are not affected first hand by the problems it is causing this very second.

Therefore, the problem of overpopulation needs to be solved in the nearest future.

The Conundrum of Overpopulation

This creates unforgiving economic strains at home. Now that I have discussed some of the causes of overpopulation, and the negative effects I would like to propose a few possibilities, that I have found throughout my research, to stop, or at least balance out the growing population size.

In this way, poverty, and crime rates would reduce to manageable levels. Deforestation presents other problems, such as the death of species. Today our planet is experiencing the effects of multiplying citizens because of the obstacles the environment is being forced to take on.

Essay writing tips, advice and guides Contact us. Placement— The placement is important since you want it to stand out and be obvious. For instance, by the earth harboured a population of 3 billion people.

How To Write A Thesis Statement For A Cause And Effect Essay About Overpopulation

Thesis Ideas for the Topic: There are three main organizational forms for this type of writing style. It is by no coincidence that China has implemented birth control policies. This division among nations is presented in the following quote: Uncontrolled, immature reproduction is a leading cause of overcrowding.

You will also want to put it near the beginning of your paper so that it stands out. Increasing the legal marital age would postpone child bearing Mitchell. The term overpopulation literally means that the number of things in this case: We all know that resources are usually limited.

This method works by making birth control pills easily accessible, providing places for termination of pregnancies to occur, and helping people become more knowledgeable about abortions and contraception Commoner.

Overpopulation, in my belief, is an enormously serious global issue that should be identified, analyzed, and controlled immediately. China has managed to reduce its population through legal affirmative action: You want it to be short and to the point without wordiness.

Lack of nutrition can cause sicknesses such as anemia, rickets, pellagra as well. They will have a good future and meet challenges ahead with pride. Building one for a cause and effect essay on overpopulation can take many forms and can be crafted in a few different ways.

Child labour, juvenile crime, and truancy owe attribute to poverty. Clarity — The point of the main statement is to bring clarity and direction to your paper. Domino effect — This type of cause and effect statement would highlight the thing that caused the domino effect, as well as the thing at the end of the domino effect.

One hundred twenty years is the doubling time for more prosperous nations.Population growth and its consequences is a highly complex and controversial issue. Curbing population should be a central issue in everycountry’s list of problems. Overpopulation is responsible for the deterioration of.

Overpopulation is a serious problem that will eventually have an extremely negative effect on our countries, and our planet. The problems that arise due to overpopulation could even prove to a fatal epidemic that will eventually wipeout the entire human race.

A thesis statement (or main statement) is the most important part of an essay. Knowing how to do it correctly and in a quality manner will make sure your paper is on point and efficiently written.

Building one for a cause and effect essay on overpopulation can take many forms and can be crafted in a few different ways. Chiefly as a result of availability of food and good medical care. The availability of food renders humans sexually active, which in turn, takes population growth to unclimbable heights.

In addition, advancements in medical care decrease the death rate ("Causes and Effects of Overpopulation") The effects of overpopulation are self-explanatory. Currently, Earth contains 7 billion people (Then and now, n.d.).

The world faces the problem of severe overpopulation; the global population continues to rise at a rate of roughly 78 million people per year, most of which are born in sub-Saharan Africa and the south and west of Asia.

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Overpopulation in the philippines thesis statement
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