Newtown school dispute negotiation

Were some issues considered non-negotiable? In general, the teachers want an explicit agreement, incorporating their input, spelling out the content of teacher evaluations, the procedures to be followed in obtaining such data and their use by the Board In the areas of teacher salary, school assignments, tenure, and staffing.

The membership has indicated that it wants full pay from the school district while serving on jury duty, without deductions for any pay received as a result of such duty.

However, the positive contribution of conflicts greatly hinges on the conflict resolution schemes which are employed. However, it is felt that the Board is asking teachers to incur most of the costs, make most of the sacrifices and seeking to retain its prerogative to make all decisions in these matters.

How was the bargaining structured? Also, we started out talking about interests. Make Newtown school dispute negotiation you discuss your role in the negotiation. They think that they will be saving money, but they are now going to have to do renovations and add on to the two high schools to be able to fit all of the kids in them.

In general, the teachers want to minimize layoffs through placement of teachers in existing administrative vacancies, activation of early retirements and the use of laid-off teachers as substitutes for those on leave.

The Newtown School Negotiations

The Board wants discretionary power to assign teachers to activities during the 75 minutes gained from 2. This strategies, applied appropriately, is arguably the most prudent given the fact that both parties involved in the Newtown dispute have their demands and there is little chance of either party giving in to the objectives of the other party without obtaining any gains.

Layoffs to become effective on the last day of the present school term. Toward the end when we got to the discussion on benefits, I think that both sides dwelled too much on the small issues. The Board wishes to expedite layoffs as quickly as possible, but has some room to negotiate on this issue.

As such, while none of the sides wins, both sides end up with a better bargain that what the other side previously demanded. Were particular negotiation concepts apparent, such as face-saving, power, argument, negotiator roles? Both teams have therefore agreed that instead of laying off teachers, the board can suspend employing new teachers in the coming years.

Emergency assignments and general obligations: Right to dispute layoff of individual teachers by meeting and conferring with the Board in order to resolve such differences. The bargaining team feels that it can design schemes filling some of these needs, provided that: It wishes to use these evaluations as aids in each of the following areas: The bargaining team has information indicating that the membership, though somewhat divided, wants the following: Who made offers e.

Were you satisfied with the outcome; with the process? The shorter workday was agreed to in better times when the budget was able to tolerate it. It also hopes to partially cover increased costs that would result from finalization of the contract presently being negotiated through such layoffs.

The membership wants to hold the ratio at its present level, but might be willing to accept an increase in certain types of classes in exchange for concessions on other priority issues.Mar 01,  · Newtown Schools Dispute This week we did the Newtown Schools Dispute and I was a board member on the West Newtown School District.

Our strategy was to have a lead negotiator and have the rest of the board chime in with facts or other suggestions during the negotiation.

Plan 3: Newtown School Dispute: Board Of Education's Position Worksheet Table 1: Key Issue in the Negotiation Aim To make a deal with Teachers' Union in order to stabilise the situation by creating orderly and predictable budgetary processes and outcomes acceptable to various community groups (teachers, board members.

View Homework Help - MGMT Newtown Teachers Union Worksheet from MGMT at University of New South Wales. Worksheet: Newtown School Dispute Board of Education (Opposing Team) Self (Member of%(22).

The Newtown School Dispute Paper For the past few weeks you have been a member of the Newtown Teachers' Association bargaining team or the Newtown School.

Apr 07,  · April, The Newtown Schools Dispute was by far the longest negotiation we have done yet because it is so complicated. There were many different decisions that needed to be made and within my group, both. Copy of Newtown School Dispute. No description by Xinyi Chen on 23 February Tweet.

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Tutorial work - newtown school dispute case

Report abuse. Transcript of Copy of Newtown School Dispute. Influence and Negotiations (MSING) Newtown School Dispute Team members: Chief Negotiator: Sumedha Jaggi Note Taker: Maria Karakatsani.

Newtown school dispute negotiation
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