My first trip to india

The Taj in peak season of December will be so packed and is the worst time to go. The prepay taxi services inside the airport still charge higher prices, sometimes by a few hundred rupees. A constant sound of car horns resonates across the city. You can unsubscribe at any time. The people at the station are usually very helpful and can book your tickets to several places at once if you know where you want to go and the train on which you want to book a reservation.

10 Tips for First Time Travel to India

A small packet of Kleenex. The trains are much better in this regard, but they never run on time. The Taj Mahal is truly a spectacular building. Naturally, traveling to India is an extremely individualistic experience.

However, requests for pens have greatly diminished over the years because the quality of Indian pens have improved. But after negotiating with them and when they learned I had no driver outside waiting for me and they would not have to pay any driver a commission, I finally bought the painting for around rupees, almost half the original price.

Better out than in. However, I have traveled alone throughout India on most of my trips, and met many others who have done the same with great success. So it can vary tremendously. If you are reading this online on my website, you can also check these sites for information about visas and applications that are listed on my links page, such as: I celebrated Holi in the safety of an ashram.

To fully enjoy India you need to RELAX, and they do not make it easy on you considering what a chaotic country they are.

First trip to India - Solo Travel Forum

Of course, even in America or other countries such precautions are necessary, not just in India. So, for example, if you are entering India through Delhi, there are a few things you need to do. Years ago it used to be easy to fly into Delhi from overseas and find a room without having a reservation, but those days are gone.

A coat or warm sweatshirt. The Intrepid tours were excellent.If this is your first trip to India, you may be worried about diseases.

Contact your doctor or the Disease Control Center in the local hospital if you would like professional immunization advice. They will let you know of any outbreaks of diseases in India, or any for which you should be prepared. On my first trip to India, I combined the Golden Triangle route with a Rajasthan focused route: Jaipur- Bikaner- Jaisalmer-and just eclipsing the blue city ofJodphur.

I threw in Varanasi at the end of my trip too. My first trip to India was a short one, just 6 days (I work in Japan, so have limited holidays).

India is a really interesting country, with beautiful sights, amazing experiences and foods to be had. May 08,  · I'm looking to celebrate my 50th with a two week trip to India.

I am thinking of joining a tour as I'm traveling solo, any suggestions would be really appreciated as it will be my first experience of India. After living in Mumbai and travelling throughout India for seven months last year here are my essential survival tips to ensure you don't waste a second on your first visit.

India was always on my short list of traveling, so I was pretty happy to be sent on a business trip in Delhi for the first time. I had always imagined India as a relaxed and spiritual place, maybe because of the vast amount of literature and spiritual leaders produced by the ancient country.

My first trip to india
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