My favorite city mumbai

Goa is the beach, the party, and the tropical paradise of India. The home of the Indian Film Industry, one has to visit the Gateway Of India, the central attraction of the city, important because this is where the British left Independent India.

The commercial capital of India, this city comes as a surprise to visitors with its high rising structures, multi millionaires driving down the roads, multinational business houses on the one hand and decaying old structures, slums in the form of Dharawi and the overcrowded surroundings on the other.

The Osho International Commune is also a wonderful architectural and peaceful ashram, we watched a sound and light show as well as an intro of the Osho and Rajaneesh.

This is because the Shiv Sena party re-named and spree everything in Mumbai having anything even names to do with England. Not only this they even renamed the roads in the city. But aside from all of this, Mumbaikars which contains humans My favorite city mumbai all over the world are one of its kinds and will never disappoint you with whatever required hospitality.

My favorite city in the world!!! - Mumbai

The Train Journey, a first to some of our friends was in the 3tier ac I know many of them My favorite city mumbai cursed me for the inconvinience, but still relish the trip today early in the morning we were in Pune and the day passed of at the workshop on the outskirts of pune.

Mumbaikars represent the true spirit of India as this city is a crucible of people from different religions, caste and communities.

Women and children should be able to work freely on streets without the anxiety of being kidnapped and raped simply because there should be no flaw in the security system.

A house to all the brands of the world, this place also provides a good bargain for people who do not want to leave a hole in their pockets. It is said, "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.

March to June are the summer months having maximum temperature of around 40 degree. Volunteers made the entire thing happen. Abolishing Illiteracy Abolishment Illiteracy will soon abolish poverty as well. The main mode of public transport in Mumbai is its local trains. Desserts of this place include chikki, srikhand, puran poli and shira.

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The city is mainly the home to Bollywood. However, the intermingling of people from all corners of the country has ensured the recognition of numerous other languages. Everywhere you look people full of life and something will surprise you. An extensive network of these trains runs throughout the city- Harbor line, Central line and the Western line.

For that, we need better policemen to tighten security and upgraded weapons to make sure no one crosses the line.

My 5 Favorite Cities in India

That is why people travelling from various parts of the world not faces any kind of language constrains in Mumbai like other cities in India. Trains are available from all major stations of India.

It offers you the best safe locations as a night wanderer which for me is a great thing if you know what I mean. Chaupati beach offers one a wide variety of street food ranging from bhelpuri puffed rice mixed with onions, chillies and saucespanipuri puffed puris filled with sprouts and potatoesvada pav a deep fried cutlet made of potatoes in a round shaped bread and paw bhaji vegetables eaten with round shaped bread.

Parvati Hill and Temples: This one place is an astounding hill on which theres a temple of Parvati and Devdeveshwar. Mumbai is known for its colonial architecture. There are boulders strewn all over the ground, but how did they get there? The Drive from Pune to Mumbai is an experience worth travelling, the expressway is an engineering marvel.These are my 5 favorite cities in India that I've visited in the last 2 years.

India has such diverse regions, make sure you plan well ahead to see it all! Favorite City In India - Mumbai Hey there guys!

Our country India is beautiful in its vastness and its glory holds more in the way it contains the variety of cultures, traditions, people, languages, difference of opinions and what not.

Here is your short paragraph on My City (Mumbai)! My name is Neha Mehta. I live in a city called Mumbai. Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra & also the financial capital of India.

Mumbai was formerly called Bombay. Advertisements: This is because the Shiv Sena party re-named and spree everything in Mumbai [ ]. I have been to many cities in India as I love to travel.

But I would have to say that my favorite city is my home town DEHRADUN, capital of Uttrakhand. I have been to Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Udaipur, Kullu and Manali, Bangalore, Mysore, Lucknow, Kany. Apr 27,  · Mumbai: My favorite city in the world!!! - Seetraveler reviews, 38, candid photos, and great deals for Mumbai, India, at TripAdvisor.

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My favorite city mumbai
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