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That business gradually faded away. It was at Woolwich High Street. At the front of the shop were pigeonholes full of loose nails which I sold at sixpence a packet; tin tacks, pins, cut nails, galvalised clout nails and many more. Alice died just two years later soon after bearing him a son, Alfred William.

Shown in front of the shop, myself with my brother and sister in law and two children. Hanging up near the counter was a collection of all sizes of chain from very small bath plug chain right up to a massive chain you could bolt your My family background to a bollard with.

Until then all the big cruise-ships used to come up the Thames to Woolwich, but now they go to Southampton instead, and the cargo ships go to Tilbury and Felixtowe. When the war started Eileen applied for exemption from war service. It became known and loved as a supplier of all things DIY throughout the south east of England.

She had started her working life as a court dressmaker but eventually My family background disillusioned with her dressmaking business and left. He was a true entrepreneur: I passed along narrow aisles between shelves packed high to the ceiling with boxes full of shackles, spirit levels, wire rope grips, pine door-knobs of different sizes, right-angled shelving brackets, different types of sash cords.

In Ken returned from war service as a member of the ground staff for the Air Force to work in the family business full-time. In the following year my father Ken was born. When Alfred died in it was taken over by my grandmother Florence. However, life changed abruptly for Alfred after the age of It has been overhauled and is in good form.

But with the changeover to containerised shipping, they all disappeared. Regulars made special trips to the shop from as far afield as Essex and Maidstone in Kent. They all lived in the flat above the shop at Number But sadly the shop is no more.

The photo below was taken in May My son Martin now a professional trumpet player has sometimes borrowed it when studying at the Guildhall School of Music when his own trumpet needed an overhaul and he has made some splendid recordings on the Besson.

This was granted to her, and she stayed to look after the shop during the war years, thus ensuring the continuation of the family business. There were no more people coming from abroad and the whole infrastructure collapsed.

He became assistant to a London pawnbroker where he used to sleep under the counter. At present the trumpet is owned and regularly used by another member of our orchestra.

A sign used to hang up by the door. I remember entering a grotto of hanging spades and forks and rakes, watering cans, paint pots, ten foot long yard brooms and hurricane lamps suspended from hooks in the ceiling.

In December Alfred opened his shop A. So my friend Jim Hopkins was looking for a trombone and I was looking for a trumpet. A key figure in the shop at this time was my aunt Eileen. It was started by my grandfather in December and had been in my family for years when my brother Chris, the last owner, sadly had to close for business on 1st June Mr Maggs had decided to strengthen the orchestra by adding some regular brass players and he had offered free tuition to anyone willing to take up a brass instrument.

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He eventually married her, and subsequently joined the workforce there himself. He supplied harmonicas and ukeleles to the sailors docking in Woolwich. His first marriage, to Alice Maud French, took place in He had to leave school and earn his living.

From that time on, the shop diversified into modern age materials such as plastics and aluminiums and tools suitable for the local engineering trades, specifically the Royal Arsenal Munitions and Ordinance which closed on 1 January Transcript of My family & Background History.

My Family Aaron Pham My name is Aaron and my last name is Pham. I was born in My family background, Ontario on September 11, I am half Canadian and half Vietnamese. I am the youngest child in my family, along with my older brother and older sister. The family toolmerchants and ironmongers A.D. Skillman, facing the Thames at Woolwich, used to be a byword in South East England.

It was started by my grandfather in December and had been in my family for years when my brother Chris, the last owner, sadly had to. Trace your ancestry and build a family tree by researching extensive birth records, census data, obituaries and more with Findmypast.

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