Judith and maidservant with the head

What we can see of it is distorted and writhing, the head quite separate from the body — altogether, a figure of horror.

The heavy texture of the draped fabrics.

Paintings of Judith in the Bible

Judith Studies across the Disciplines. Practically all of her paintings portray a strong woman. There is a part of me, and my life experience, that can relate on a deeply personal level.

The theme of Judith is already like a modern horror story. The heat radiating on her body from the candle. An ignoble end for a famous warrior, killed by his own sword.

Judith with the head of Holofernes, stained glass window Diane-Blair Goodpasture, Judith holds the recently severed head of Holofernes by its hair.

She now holds the head of Holofernes with her Maidservant at her side. Possibly a hallway where I walk by it quite often would be a perfect place to view it; a place where it could be a private and personal reminder.

Perspectives on Gender and the Italian Renaissance. The artist spent considerable time in both Rome and Padua, where his fame and reputation continued to grow.

Then we look into the shopping basket and see the disembodied head. He worked alongside Brunelleschi for many years and together the two of them paved the way for the High Renaissance and the evolution of Western art as it is known today. In this painting I see luxuriously flowing lines of richly draping fabrics in colors of crimson-red, yellow-gold, and violet-blue contrasting against the dark background.

There was also an attempt at this time to balance the preponderance of male heroes in Christian tradition with biblical heroines who could be role models of particular virtues. What do you feel? If you are looking for subtlety, walk on by. Her maid leans anxiously towards her, protectively, urging the dazed Judith to move with more speed.

For the first time, traditional interpretations of revered religious icons were acceptable: Like a stage magician, she does not look at the object she wants hidden. A clown killer or a baby demon kind of theme. These two women are not idealized beauties but real people, both with their own personalities and agendas.

This makes the painting sharply different from many of the others completed at that time, and may have something to do with the rape of his daughter Artemisia Gentileschi — a real person to her father, not just an unnamed victim of crime.

Both were visionaries in their respective fields. This experience deeply affected Artemisia and forever influenced her art. What is interesting to note is that there is some debate as to whether this is Salome with the head of John the Baptist, or Judith with the head of Holofernes Kren and Marx.

In the late nineteenth century, Jean-Charles Cazin made a series of five paintings tracing the narrative and giving it a conventional, nineteenth-century ending; the final painting shows her "in her honoured old age," and "we shall see her sitting in her house spinning.

Judith and her Maidservant - Analysis

The tension of the scene is almost palpable. The head of Holofernes is said to be a portrait of the artist, and the woman in the picture was modeled on his mistress, a famous beauty called Mazzafirra.

Like LucretiaJudith was the subject of a disproportionate number of old master printssometimes shown nude. But they seem to have heard something, and pause, waiting to see if they have been discovered. Now the fearful women stop to listen, to see if an alarm has been raised.

They could experience joy, fear, anger, sorrow and everything in between. This would then make the woman Salome.

A rather winsome Judith has grasped the head by its hair and is moving away from the couch. Barthel Beham engraved three compositions of the subject, and other of the " Little Masters " did several more. Abbeville Press, Donatello Page Menu.Judith and the head of Holofernes (detail), Donatello, Judith and Holofernes,bronze, cm (Palazzo Vecchio, Florence) The Uffizi Judith was likely either commissioned by or gifted to the Medici, Florence’s ruling family, the same family that commissioned Donatello’s famous bronze sculpture of Judith and Holofernes in the late 15th century.

Judith and her Maidservant. c. Oil on canvas. m by m. Palazzo Pitti, Florence. The Painting.

Judith beheading Holofernes

udith and Abra have just killed Holofernes and are preparing to decamp with their trophy, his head. Oct 11,  · Judith and her Maidservant have cut off Holofernes head and are about to make their escape, when Judith hears something. She holds up her hand to cover the bright light in front of her eyes so she might see into the blackness.

Soon after her first version of Judith beheading Holofernes, inArtemisia painted her initial rendition of Judith and Her Maidservant.

This dramatic painting portrays a few moments after Judith has beheaded Holofernes, and stuffed his head into a basket. The artist Artemisia Gentileschi heightens the drama of Judith and Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes by using a technique that comes from an Italian word meaning "murky.".

‘Judith and her Maidservant With the Head of Holofernes’ Artemisia Gentileschi, circa Judith has killed Holofernes, and now her maid Abra crams the bloody head into a sack, to carry it back to Bethuliah.

Judith and maidservant with the head
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