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DSST: Intro to Business Exam

Describe the various legal forms of business ownership such as sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation, the nature of each, the processes involved in creating each and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Completing this unit should take you approximately This unit will also take a look at how banks, the Federal Reserve Bank in particular, play a part in business activities such as obtaining financing.

This unit will also introduce you to ecommerce by exploring the terms ecommerce, ebusiness, and the use of social media marketing. Marketing The process of marketing found its way into the business mindset around Evaluate and contrast major economic systems in businesses throughout the world.

A quote referring to two business cycles that you will study still holds true today: You will explore the functions of modern business management, marketing, and ethics and social responsibility that can improve or tarnish a brand. Completing this unit should take you approximately 26 hours.

You will find that it encompasses the areas of product, price, distribution as well as promotion in the form of advertisement, publicity, public relations, and sales promotion. Exhibit an understanding of the marketing function and describe the concepts and processes involved in designing product strategy, promotional strategy, distribution strategy, and pricing strategy.

This unit will explore economic and historical information that aids in government decisions today but also provides a foundation for future decision-making. Through the marketing process, businesses are able to tailor a product or service to their target market.

It is a process that involves activities and communication designed to persuade buyers to buy, and through research, give customers what they want. The form of ownership you choose will directly correspond to the growth, taxation, and future of your company.

Exhibit an understanding of the concepts, principles, and operation of the private enterprise system. Hirt, and Linda Ferrell. Explain the importance of and the role of the financial management function and illustrate the concepts and processes involved in managing the acquisition and allocation of short- and long-term funds.

Describe the risk management functions and explain the concepts, processes and strategies involved in managing risk in a business. Through careful study, as a potential owner, you will decide in which form you are the most comfortable operating. Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

Entrepreneurship and Legal Forms of Business This unit will illustrate how the various forms of ownership sole proprietorship, partnerships, and corporations that an owner chooses affects how that business is taxed, how profits are distributed, and what regulations are to be followed.

A thorough understanding of accounting and financial management will allow you, as a business owner, to find the best sources and use of funds. This process involves using human, financial, and informational resources.

This unit introduces you to productivity, the business cycle, the impact of business on society, current economic trends and policies and a brief look at doing business globally. In this unit, you will discover that technical, conceptual, and interpersonal skills are essential to the management process.

Completing this unit should take you approximately 21 hours. The Context of Business This unit covers basic concepts which provide the context for business.The intent is to develop a viable business vocabulary, foster critical and analytical thinking, and refine your business decision-making skills.

These skills will be acquired by the reading materials, exercises, and research assignments in this course that simulate the workplace today.

InstantCert Academy Intro to Business Specific Exam Feedback - Four pages of targeted study, though make sure you pay special attention to the last page which deals only with the refreshed exams.

Also, don't forget to check out the Introduction to Business DSST InstantCert Flashcards. The studies originally looked into whether workers were more responsive and worked more efficiently under certain environmental conditions, such as improved lighting.

Let us help you pass the DSST Introduction to Business exam and earn college credit with our comprehensive study guide. Earn a passing score on the. Sep 08,  · a brief description of what business studies is about. In Introduction to Business, you will study the concepts, principles and operations of private enterprise.

You’ll compare and contrast sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations – and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Introduction to business study
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