How college students use wikipedia for course related 2 essay

Very few Wikipedia editors and contributors use their real name or provide any information about who they are. Discussion Few research studies have investigated how and why college students use Wikipedia.

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Discourse community can be thought of as members of an academic discipline or a select audience. When students were looking for background context they went to course readings, Google, scholarly research databases, and OPACs, more often than Wikipedia.

It is difficult to ask ESL students to write freely if they possess limited vocabulary or grammar. When you have this many articles, typos and other errors will sneak in. Therefore, these standards cannot be relied upon to judge writing. The survey question 13 was stated as follows: I [also] use the Otherness of the cultures reproduced in foreign texts to estrange the American familiar" However, recently there are an increasing number of departments specifically dedicated to this field of study e.

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Due to the fact that Wikipedia can be edited by anyone with an Internet connection, users can falsify entries. North Carolina State University Libraries has a short video that explains what Wikipedia is and how information is entered into it. To a lesser extent, two more predictors of Wikipedia usage can be deduced from negative values reported in Figure 5.

Remember that any encyclopedia is a starting point for research, not an ending point. One student in our sessions put it simply when discussing the value of Wikipedia: Wikipedia is ideal in these situations because it will allow you to find the information, as well as sources which you can research to confirm that information.

However, the editor or editors who did that summary might have made errors or they might mis-characterize the contents. Opportunities As a whole, our findings present some opportunities for librarians, educators, and information resource vendors.

Shor insists "subject matter is best introduced as problems related to student experience, in language familiar to them" How often do you use Wikipedia?

The full model containing all predictors of Wikipedia usage had a Nagelkerke R—squared value of 20 percent. One explanation for these findings may be these majors, more than students in other disciplines, may need additional background for their paper assignments. Most Recent Beyond The Headlines.

She took this idea from her observation of different writers. Conclusion This study investigated how and why college students use Wikipedia within the context of using other resources for course—related research.

Do you ever go to Wikipedia during your research process for course—related research, even if your instructor suggests that you should not? In MarchIrish student Shane Fitzgerald, who was conducting research on the Internet and globalization of information, posted a fake quotation on the Wikipedia article about recently deceased French composer Maurice Jarre.

See the Project Information Literacy Web site at http: We found a small amount of respondents three percent used Wikipedia as their first step in the research process; most used course readings first, see Alison J. Additional research about the relationship between using Wikipedia for course—related research and outcomes e.

We also found students enrolled in four—year institutions were more likely to use Wikipedia than students in our sample enrolled in two—year institutions i. It has become harder for casual participants to contribute.

For a discussion of crowdsourcing, see Jeff Howe, Students majoring in architecture, engineering, or the sciences, compared to other majors in our model, were more likely to use Wikipedia than other students in our sample.

The model contained 11 independent variables in three general groupings: Acknowledgments Hil Lyons, Karen Schneider, and Sarah Vital made insightful recommendations for this paper and we thank them for their time.Students from a USA university also pointed out they did not cite Wikipedia in the reference list and that although professors did not agree with that, they consulted Wikipedia when they had a need (which is confirmed by the results of the research called How today's college student use Wikipedia for course-related IJSSES research (Head.

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There Should Not Be Any Required Courses In College Essays - Simply, university is meant to be a time to explore one’s self. Yet almost all post secondary institutions traditionally impose some unequivocal academic curriculum, nearly deciding the path of a student’s career long before they can question their own passion.

The Top 10 Reasons Students Cannot Cite or Rely On Wikipedia

After 15 enriching, rewarding years of teaching in the Connecticut community college system, I have come to the conclusion that, in all likelihood, I will have at least one of these four different types of students in my English course: the Conspiracy Theorist, the Schemer, the Veteran or the Dreamer.

Oct 27,  · 2. Accurate contributors can be silenced.

Deletionists on Wikipedia often rely on the argument that a contribution comes from an “unreliable source,” with the editor deciding what is reliable. An incident last year showed the degree to which editors at the very top of Wikipedia were willing to rely on this crutch when it suits their purpose.

Findings are reported from student focus groups and a large-scale survey about how and why students, (enrolled at six different U.S.

colleges), use Wikipedia during the course-related research process. A majority of respondents frequently used Wikipedia for background information, but less often. Apr 03,  · The content in Wikipedia, though not that accurate, is informative, and good as a starting point. College students tend to have little time, so they should go there first to get a basic information about the material they're looking for.

I personally would not rely on a reference that could be edited by anyone else Resolved.

How college students use wikipedia for course related 2 essay
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