Health indicators of jammu and kashmir

While the data suggests that there is no simplistic link between disaffection and development, it would be hasty to dismiss the role of socio-economic factors altogether. Malnutrition refers to lack of food of sufficient quality to maintain a healthy life [57]. We reserve the right to edit responses for language and grammar.

The data presented shows that the male-female differences are quite significant not only for Kashmir but also for India though the percentages are higher in the latter than in the former case.

Malnutrition, frequent pregnancies, unsafe abortions, RTI and STI, all combine to keep the maternal mortality ratio in India among the highest globally. The fourth round of the National Family and Health Survey, conducted in NFHS shows that Jammu and Kashmir fares better on development indicators when compared with all-India averages, or with insurgency-affected states such as Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and Chhattisgarh.

The answer lies in its IMR, a measure of the children under one year who die for every 1, live births. Ranking was done in three categories - larger states, smaller Health indicators of jammu and kashmir and Union Territories - to ensure comparison among similar entities.

Pulwama District with 37 percent, has the highest hectarage under commercial crops. Menstruation Related Problems Menstrual related problems are generally perceived as only minor health concern and thus irrelevant to the public health agenda particularly for women in developing countries.

Wheat is mainly grown in the district of Kathua and Jammu, adjacent to the province of Punjab. This definition also does not allow the possibility that some well-being Health indicators of jammu and kashmir be achieved when health is bad or health may be good and well-being low and this definition does not make it clear how well-being can be defined in a way consistent with plurality of conceptions of good health [38].

The predominance of staple food crops in the cropping patterns shows that agriculture in the state is, by and large, subsistent in character and most of the farmers generally grow crops for the family consumption.

The projected deficit of health institutions at the inception of 11th Five Year Plan as given in Table 12 shows that there is dearth of 46 community health centres, 93 primary health centres and sub-centres. Therefore, it is important to protect health through health care besides other means such as socioeconomic development.

It is education by which women are allowing to go out of their houses and work in different organization of the country. Nutritional deficits and their contribution to disease and death are a product of not of any worldwide shortage of food, but of the politics of its distribution [57].

In addition to this women are vulnerable to reproductive tract infections and problems related to menstruation. This is cause of concern as it will bring into standstill the expansion and growth of health care system. Donate Rs ; Rs 1, Rs 2, In any scheme of agricultural regionalisation, the ranking of crops has great significance.

The importance of health as a basic human right has been recognized in United Nations Declaration which assigns health a prominent place in three of the eight goals, eight of the sixteen targets and eighteen of the forty eight indicators of the Millennium Development Goals [20].

It is followed by Ladakh and Kupwara in which this ratio is 13 livestock per household. The women have power to take decisions regarding to purchases household things or go outside alone.

In the course of breeding programmes, a new breed of sheep known as Kashmiri Merino has been developed with known body weight average about 54 kg at the age of two and a half years.

Some of the important cattle breeding centres are: Such kind of situation necessitates gender specific policy formulation with their implementation in letter and spirit.

Further analysis of the figures related to reported symptoms shows that the problems of painful periods is reported by highest percentage of women Permanent pastures as and other grazing grounds occupy about 5 per cent of the reporting area, while Does living longer mean living healthier?

Kerala, unsurprisingly, was on top followed by Punjab and Tamil Nadu. Sex Ratio and Female Literacy Rate in Jammu and Kashmir The distribution of sex ratio in Jammu and Kashmir which remains mostly tilted towards men and Table 1 shows the district wise sex ratio in Jammu and Kashmir from to Women of the World: Most flowers are dependent on bees for carrying pollens from the anthers male part of one flower to stigmas female part of the flower.

Gender differentials in nutritional status are documented during infancy, with discriminatory breastfeeding and supplementation practices. Yet, a conflict such as that in Kashmir can rarely be pinned down to just one cause.

Swami Vivekananda was the great philosopher of the development of women society. Health in itself is of great value as it enables people to enjoy their potential as human beings.

UP, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand fastest improving states in health indicators: NITI Aayog

According to this definition, gender has three main features:Jammu & Kashmir Directorate of Economics & Statistics Jammu & Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir State is one of the most sparsely populated area in the whole of India.

Socio-Economic Indicators of J&K Table No 3: Main Towns of Kashmir Province and their distance. University of Jammu Jammu and Kashmir _____ ABSTRACT Women’s health is the reflection of her individual biology and her socio cultural, economic, and physical environments.

Maternal health is a key indicator of the quality of female’s health.

Agriculture in Jammu and Kashmir (Explained With Map and Statistics)

The present study is an attempt to assess the influence of female’s education on various. Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) has surpassed Kerala as the state with the highest life expectancy in India for all ages, barring life expectancy at birth, according to the latest data released on October 19,by the Registrar.

Further, a comparative study of health indicators has also been carried out in this paper.

Jammu and Kashmir ranked number 1 in India for bringing down Infant Mortality Rate

This paper STUDY AREA Anantnag District of Jammu and For the present paper, Anantnag District in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) is chosen as the unit of the study. (Government of Jammu and Kashmir, ). Department Profile; Health Indicators.

Indicators; Statistics; Workdone; Health Institutions. Jammu ; Kashmir; Jammu and Kashmir secured first rank for maximum reduction in Infant Mortality Rate Department of Health and Medical Education is aimed at bringing about dramatic improvement in the health system and the Health status of people.

Report on Health (Planning), Office of the Joint Director, Government of Jammu and Kashmir. Report on Health Infrastructure, Leh, Office of the Chief Medical Officer, Government of Jammu and Kashmir. Reports on the Ladakh Affairs, Secretariat, Government of Jammu and Kashmir. South India Human development Report – .

Health indicators of jammu and kashmir
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