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A number of organisations provide research-based evaluations of the behavior of companies around the world, assessing them along ethical dimensions such as human rightsthe environmentanimal welfare and politics. Any Tom, Dick and Harry would know this but nobody is willing to pay more for fuel.

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Let us envision a future where plastic is not a synonym for disposable. Being a good citizen or having a good reputation should not just stand for being morally right and showing respect to fellow humans; it should stand for respecting our environment as well.

There are garbage dumps in the middle of housing colonies. Some of these efforts are based on concept brands: Garbage is irrespective of countries or cultures.

They could build centres where people would throw the plastic packaging or bottles and the packaging could be cleaned and reused instead of manufacturing new plastic. There are news reports every day of forest fires, land mafia, toxic rivers, and children born mutated due to consumption of supposedly banned pesticides.

As a result of this we are witnessing one of the most disastrous events that our civilization has caused—climate change.

Ethical consumerism

Alternative giving In response to an increasing demand for ethical consumerism surrounding gift giving occasions, charities have promoted an alternative gift market, in which charitable contributions are made on behalf of the gift "recipient".

It can be used to make reclaimed land but these sites will be more prone to natural disasters and flooding as was evident from the effect of Hurricane Sandy on Lower Manhattan. Our way of thinking must be changed to focus more on the environmental and societal consequences of our actions rather than on instant pleasure.

Organisations should look at long-term benefits and not at short-term profits. However, people act less altruistically and are more likely to cheat and steal after purchasing green products as opposed to conventional products.

In line with the halo associated with green consumerism, people act more altruistically after mere exposure to green than conventional products. Some cite the preponderance of niche markets as the actual effect of ethical consumerism, [30] while others argue that information is limited regarding the outcomes of a given purchase, preventing consumers from making informed ethical choices.

Fuel hikes, pollution, food shortages are all consequences of consumerist mentalities. This has to be done gradually through ways that influence people the most like digital media and social networking. Americans throw away around 2.

MNCs that manufacture consumer goods should try to find solutions for the disposal of their items. Green America is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in that provides the Green American Seal of Approval and produces a "Responsible Shopper" guide to "alert consumers and investors to problems with companies that they may shop with or invest in.

Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the whole ocean does not become dirty. They also signal some social capitalor trust, in some community of auditors that must follow those instructions to validate those labels. That is the custom and it is not going to change even if the people know it is unethical behaviour because that is what their society prompts them to do.

Vegan Along with disclosure of ingredients, some mandatory labelling of origins of clothing or food is required in all developed nations.

The richer you are, the more waste you generate.

In your opinion, what is the greatest ethical challenge or dilemma facing the planet? Business ethics should focus on making profits sustainably.

Obviously this requires efforts from policy makers and the media. Areas of concern[ edit ] Ethical Consumer Research Associationthe alternative consumer organisation, collects and categorises information of more than 30, companies according to their performance in five main areas, composing the Ethiscore:Ethical Consumerism: A Balance of Knowledge and Action - Shelves in many shopping malls are lined with a vast, colorful variety of merchandise.

Rows of curious items catch one’s attention upon entering a sterile-smelling shop, each piece specifically crafted to be sold and taken home. "Consumerism" by Anjana Aravind Co-Winner, High School Category, Student/Teacher Essay Contest, “Ethics for a Connected World,” In your opinion, what is the greatest ethical challenge or dilemma facing the planet?

Consumerism "Out with the old and in with the new." Consumerism is one of the biggest challenges the world faces. Ethical consumerism (alternatively called ethical consumption, ethical purchasing, moral purchasing, ethical sourcing, ethical shopping or green consumerism) is a type of consumer activism that is based on the concept of dollar voting.

Knowledge is the heart and soul of ethical consumerism, for it is not only a responsibility but the foundation of ethical buying habits. One does not instantly have the conviction to take on something as tedious as ethical consumerism. Thus, ethical consumerism could be defined as the ethical concern about the organizations and their products and services by choosing or not choosing a product or service that meets or fails certain ethical standards respectively.

Being an ethical consumer means buying products which were ethically produced and/or which are not harmful to the environment and society. This can be as simple as buying free-range eggs or as.

Ethical consumerism essays
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