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The entire section is words. Increasingly, she considers her obligations as wife and mother to be pressures that are driving her As she plays the role that society has assigned to her, from all outward appearances, Susan and her husband Matthew appear to be a model couple—perfect even.

Copyright Super Summary. This is exactly what Susan felt, for although she was alone physically, her family weighed down on her mind constantly, ruining her sense of solitude.

After this, Susan felt cornered into escaping life altogether. This becomes evident when Susan takes her vacation to the mountains in Wales. She is afraid to be Essay room nineteen in her garden, where her loneliness is most likely to manifest itself.

The only way Susan could leave her life behind completely was by taking it herself, and she finds this permanent escape in Room 19, the only place that allowed her to be completely free.

To Room Nineteen

From the outside, it seems as though Susan lives the ideal life with a big house and a beautiful garden for her children and loving husband. The story does an excellent job of approaching the dichotomy between the intellect and instinct.

He explains that for a shy pianist practicing alone in a room, the presence of just one person shatters his world and forces him to stop his work immediately. And yet it was allowed by society to continue unabated, thereby stifling the possibility of women seeking personal freedoms, such as choice and individual wish fulfillment.

Their twelve-year marriage has produced four children and innumerable sensible decisions. Susan, an advertising artist before her marriage, looks forward to the moment when her youngest children, twins, begin school so that she will have some time to herself during the day.

To Room Nineteen Essay

Here, we can compare Susan to the pianist Tuan discusses on page fifty-nine of his book. We also saw something interesting in the scene where Susan meets Mrs. The room she was shown was small and dingy, with only one small window and cheap looking sheets on the sole bed that was there.

Susan is expected to live her peaceful life without thinking much about it. When Matthew, a subeditor at a large London newspaper, finally commits adultery, Susan understands and forgives.

The either-or dichotomy that was forced upon women was not a viable choice, in the end. Even when she was home for supper, all she could think about was how desperate she was to be alone again.

Once she begins to evolve as a woman, however, she begins her own, enlightened journey. With a wonderful house in the suburbs and four children, it seems to everyone else that the two have made the best choices in life.Professional essays on To Room Nineteen.

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To room nineteen, Doris Lessing To room nineteen Viktoria Kerac, Department of Economics and Tourism “Dr. Mijo Mirkovic”, Englishprof. Sunčana Tuksar Radumilo, Pula, Croatia To Room Nineteen, one of the collected stories in A Man and Two Women, has been singled out as.

Complete summary of Doris Lessing's To Room Nineteen. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of To Room Nineteen.  Assignment #2 English “To Room Nineteen” by Doris Lessing is the story of a woman who cycles through depression rooted in her marriage, which leads to her calmly committing suicide as she reasoned that it would be in everyone’s best protagonist in the story, Susan Rawlings, appears to shift between moods of neutrality, relief, and deep unsettlement.

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Essay room nineteen
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