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The three wars between India and Pakistan and one between Indian and China since. The prices are Essay price hike india up more than the income in India. The increasing demand leads to hike in prices.

The rich make a display of their wealth while the poor find it difficult to make both their ends meet. Inflation refers to the problem of rising prices. Economists and some other people have been attempting scientific analyses to: There should be a system for proper checks to ensure that traders does not charge excess money for the commodities.

Sixthly, there are psychological factors that push up the prices. Let us hope that the government will be able to bring down the soaring prices. Production of food should be increased. Life has become very hard. The cumulative effect is a growing pressure Essay price hike india prices.

And adequate measures should be taken to ensure smooth supply of these items. More demand and less supply of these food items is the main reason behind this price rise, a situation arising out of lower market arrivals and lower procurement.

Evils of corruption, bribery, smuggling and illegal gratification deep-rooted in the society must be rooted out. What is needed is the right intention and the force of will. It has shaken the faith of the people in the government. The trend of rising prices in India has, in time, aroused dismay, consternation and anger.

Hoarding of essential commodities by greedy traders. Where the balance between money supply on the one hand and goods and services on the other is disturbed, a critical problem arises. The standard of living of the people has improved. Unless they are crushed with a heavy hand, the common man is bound to suffer.

The burden of taxes on the middle-class has been lessened. The government is unable to control the prices of necessary goods. Several cases are pending in the courts. Life has lost its charm for the average bread-winner. The distribution of these goods has also been made fair and effective.

There has been a lack of a social awareness in general which has prevented the benefits of planned development from percolating to the lowest levels. The hoarders and the black-marketeers should be severely punished.

Strikes result in fall in industrial production.

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Current situation The current rate of inflation is alarming. India is faced today with one of the most critical economic situations.

Inadequate mechanism to control and fix the prices of essential commodities in the marketplaces. Causes of Inflation in India In-spite of the fact that India has witnessed huge economic development in the past 10 years, yet we are not able to control inflation. Only the combined efforts of the government and the people can solve the problem Related Essays.

Heavy taxes on industries are ultimately passed on to the consumers, thus increasing their cost of living. Public sector should be encouraged.

There is no let-up in the situation. It is very common these days. Owing to this tendency a vast majority of people have to suffer untold hardships.

They make a economic activities uncertain and unstable, causing great unrest in the minds of the people. The government is aware of this problem.India is faced today with one of the most critical economic situations. At no other time did Indians witness the horrible pheno­menon of spiraling prices as they do today, prices are soaring like rackets and each day one finds a rise.

The study, further, says that wheat, milk and milk products are expected to have another price hike in the coming months. The UPA government has made a promise to take necessary measures to ease price pressure.

MBA Assignment 1 Food Price Rise in India Akshaya Pandey, Chandan Oil Prices Crisis in India Essay Why the Oil price.

Words Short Essay on Price Rise in India. Article shared by. Price rise is one of the most ticklish current problems. Whenever we go to make some purchases in the market, we learn to our great disappointment that the prices of most of the commodities have risen.

And sometimes quite exorbitantly. Despite of continuous claims of curbing price rise making by the government, prices of commodities rose by more than per cent in comparison with the per capita income in the past one year.

The prices are soaring up more than the income in India. The middle class are being hit hardly with the price [ ]. "Low production coupled with high transportation costs due to the fuel price hike is the main reason for soaring prices," said Praveen Khandelwal, secretary general of Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT).

Price Hike. India is facing many serious problems nowadays, but the problem of price-rise is the most serious one. It is very common these days.

The prices of essential commodities are going higher day by day.

Price Rise in India

Price Hike specifically for .

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