Early marriage can cause population growth

The population of developed countries will remain largely unchanged, at 1. There are records that keep track of the increases anddecreases in population. Lack of Alternatives Many parents do not find themselves in a position to support the girl child so she can pursue her schooling, and not many girls in areas where this practice is common have any careers to look forward to.

Either contraceptives are not available, or they are expensive or they cause severe side effects such as loss of sexual interest forcing many to drop out of birth control programs.

What are the problems caused by rapid population growth? In the eyes of those people women are considered as commodities. The economy remains in Vicious circle of poverty.

A rapid decline death rate is the result of the availability of medical facilities and public health service. The basic reasons for growth of population are: The use of contraception has experienced constraints — some of them very serious.

Was population growth a major cause of the American Revolution?

The consumption and nutrition standards of the people are low and they suffer from poor health and low productivity. The following are some of the major factors, which are responsible for high rate of growth of population.

Once married culture requires that children are produced quickly or questions will be asked whether the couple is normal or not. Increase in food supply and an increase in wages allow for more to survive.

For example, when fertility exceeds mortality and in-migrants exceed out-migrants the population will increase. Increase in birth rate due to lack of awareness, lack ofeducation, desire for sons, early marriages, custom and culture andinfant mortality rate 2.

Population Explosion – Causes of the rapid growth of population

The minimum legal age for marriage in the country is Some people in India prefer to have more than one wife. Most of the people remain in rural area. The main problem for countries is the fact they start to run out resources become overpopulatedfor example a rapidly expanding LEDC country may cut down a forest quicker than it can grow back leading to soil degregation, lack of fuel in future and so on.

Even though there are several disadvantages to early marriage, the practice continues due to the difficulty in convincing people within a community of its negative effects.Early Marriage Affects Development of Nepal: Local customs and laws prevent women from contributing to country's growth: but it is sensitive from a demographic point of view because early marriages can contribute to high fertility levels.


the population growth is approaching ZPG (Zero Percentage Growth) due to fertility levels falling. Population Explosion – Causes of the rapid growth of population. Causes of the rapid growth of population: Marriage is considered not as a religious duty. The practice of early marriage system is a potent case of rapid growth of population in India.

More than 80% of girls are married during the most fertile period of 15 to 20 years of. Mar 03,  · Early marriage cause of increase population Mr Debrah traced a link between early marriage and population growth and explained that when.

The Official Website of Eric Kashambuzi. What causes population to increase or decrease? Posted on October 23, Therefore to reduce global population growth, fertility in Africa should come down.

Girls drop out of school early and are forced into early extramarital pregnancy or early marriage. Once married culture requires that children.

What Causes Population Growth?

What Causes Early Marriage? What compels a family to marry off a child before the attainment of the legal marriageable age? Why can’t they just wait a few years?

Child marriage worsens population pressure

As the other answerer said, growth is normal and, in poor countries, including peasant societies in Europe, Asia and South America, children have always been the only form of support people have in old age. The dramatic growth in Africa is mainly because of the drop in infant mortality.

What Causes Early Marriage?

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Early marriage can cause population growth
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