Concept and definition of job analysis business essay

It increases productivity and the efectiveness,raising morale of the employee,motivating them making them committed and deeply engaged in the work. Job description is used to describe the various aspects of a job where as job specification covers the specific parameters required to complete the job.

When and where the job has to be done? It covers aspects related to organization structure, reporting, job related activities, roles to be undertaken etc 5. What educational qualifications, skill sets, work experience etc is required?

Work Life balance has been regarded as the proper balance between career on the one hand and pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development on the other. This technique is widely used by fast food companies, where every employee is delegated a separate task.

Describe the best practices of grievance procedures at Hotel Paradise. A good job analysis helps in understanding the following: Hence,job design aims to improve the performance and motivation of employee in an organization.

Management always think to retain their employee with proper hard and soft skills inside the organization.

By dividing the whole body of work into more accessible elements and ascribing the elements between individual employees the company can positively improve the overall efficiency of the business. Organizational culture defines the way an organization works together and the beliefs and attitudes it represents as it works in a particular enviornment.

Advantages of Job Analysis Some of the benefits of having a job analysis are mentioned below: It seemed to have recognized the employees as the valuable asset of the organization. One of the staff"s dissatisfaction over inconsiderate supervisor shows the amount of pressure he has to undergo in the working place.

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But it is ignoring the crucial fact that it needs to eqip its staff with the every changes it is going to make. Employees expect a congenial working situation with the like minded peopleopportunities to use existing skills and to acquire otherswork that does not offend their personal value system and acceptable leadership.

However, like most economic processes, specialization has an occasional negative effect on the company and its workers, which is why an employer should be very careful while introducing the concept into the company.

Reviewing the case of Hotel Paradise,dissatisfaction is found in the employee specially due to more presssure of work given by supervisor at work place. Study the best possible methods to extract maximum information related to the job, responsibilities etc 3.

Work life balance has been getting an increasing attention in the today,s competitive market place, and is believed to be the quality of life that brings efficiency and satisfaction at work. Other popular methods of job design used by both major and smaller companies are job rotation, job enlargement, and job enrichment.

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Reviewing the case study of Hotel Paradise,it has been seen that management is unable to keep employees aware of their tasks,it seems not immuned to the external business environment ,technological advancement that has led to more frustration and demotivation to their staffs.

Hence,it can be concluded from the above study that,if management wants to attract and retain its employee for organizational success of Hotel Paradise,it should conduct recruitment process in effective and efficient way.

It boosts the culture of team work. Providing opportunities for development and career progression increases employee engagement and retentation and supports succession planning. The Management Dictionary covers over business concepts from 6 categories. Job analysis aids the organization in recruitment and selection, performance management, training needs identification, deciding compensation and benefits, etc.

Organizations attempt to increase productivity levels ,satisfaction and motivation to employees through job design. Hence organizational culture is very important to employees to fit in any organization which if not taken in consideration may lack mutual cooperation among employees,team working among staff that in turn leads the organization away from achieving its objectives,same is the case for Hotel Paradise.

It benefits both the employer and employee. Great care is being given at the recruitment process.

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Describe Hotel Paradise approach towards human resource mamagement in terms of job design. The business functions and produces better outcomes when the components are more organised and efficient.

Job Analysis Methods The process of collecting information for job analysis has to be very thorough and completed with accurate research. So, the effective recruitment is central and crucial to the successful day to day functioning of an organization. In other words, It is the equilibrium between the time and the amount of effort a person devotes at workplace and the other aspect of life i.

Another step is selection,evaluation and hiring, for which different factors to be taken in considerationn are: Employees have a clear picture on their deliverables, the wages, workplace environment, benefits etc.

So, the recruitment process is the critical activity to the managers who are involved in the process of selection. Job description and job specification are both a part of Job analysis given by a company.Job analysis is an important function of human resource management, human resource managers can fully understand the various important business links and business processes of organization and management, it contributing to human resource management functions to truly rise to strategic position.

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The first of these is job analysis, which is a collection of information about tasks,duties,responsibilities and required skills of a particular job which in turn has close link to job description:a list of general tasks and responsibilities of a position and job specification:a statement of employee characteristics and qualifications required.

Browse the definition and meaning of more terms similar to Job Analysis. The Management Dictionary covers over business concepts from 6 categories. Job Specialization Essay After graduation, every student is going to be hired at his first job. For most of them it will be very stressfull to get used to the new envirionment, which has nothing in common with the loveable student life.

• Determine which job classes best fit their business needs. Concept Analysis: I will discuss the definition of a concept, metaparadigms, philosophies, and conceptual model and relate each of them to the theorists. The common concept of these two. A job description is based on a detailed job analysis and usually summarises the essential information gathered through job analysis.

It describes the main tasks and responsibilities of the job clearly and concisely in order to facilitate the systematic comparison of jobs for evaluation purposes.

Concept and definition of job analysis business essay
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