Cabin crew selling techniques

What do Cabin crew selling techniques want to achieve? Check that your shoes are shiny and of a classic style. You may not see Cabin crew selling techniques recruiters there, but believe me, they will be watching you! Now move on to establishing the facts, which will give you the tools to create a successful resolution.

This will show off your communication skills and ability to work with all kinds of people. In response to many requests from fellow crew and students, I have written a series of E-books to help guide new crew with lots of insider advice and useful hints and tips. For more information please visit www.

Hopefully, these hints and tips will really help you shine at your cabin crew assessment day and get you well on the way to your dream career. Last year I moved to flying on a freelance basis in order to concentrate on working as a freelance instructor as well as setting up as a Cabin Crew Consultant, so that I could advise potential crew how to get their dream job and help experienced crew move from commercial to corporate flying.

Some will have quotas to meet that allow for only so many cabin crew members to be recruited that day or they may be looking for something specific like male crew who speak Russian.

For the girls, wear your hair up in a pleat or bun preferably and make sure your make up is immaculate and not overpowering. It is all about establishing a rapport with the passenger and making them feel that their complaint is important. You have listened to their complaint and acknowledged there is an issue.

What is the complaint in relation to? I stayed with them for six years and have now been flying for 12 years But with these 10 great hints and tips from Cabin Crew Consultant, Patricia Green, you should stand out from the crowd, and soon be on your way to your dream cabin crew career.

Keep up your appearance during the day to check your hair is in place, make up is still on etc. You can find cabin crew interview questions and answers online and also at my website www.

That is a huge no-no. When providing a solution, ask the customer if your offer is acceptable. This can be achieved through facial expression, body language, oral confirmation and clarification techniques. Keep applying for all the airlines and remember the more assessment days and interviews you attend, the more experience you have next time around.

This will just make the situation worse. Listening effectively can be done in a number of ways.

If the passenger begins to shout, becomes aggressive or confrontational, or even starts swearing, then you will have to be assertive in your response and inform them that their language will not be tolerated. Once you get to the final interview, watch your body language and posture.

Most importantly, be yourself! Once you have gathered all of the facts, you will then be able to take action to resolve the issue. The passenger will feel that you are being considerate to their needs and, by reaffirming the solution with them; you are showing them that you have their interests at heart.

For Cabin Crew: Problem Solving Techniques

Therefore, if the situation that led to the complaint in the first instance can be avoided in the future, this will help the flight to run smoother and allow the cabin crew staff to concentrate on their primary role — providing a high level of customer service and ensuring the safety of all passengers.

I will make sure, this time that the meal is hot. During the day, mix with as many people as you can — smile, talk and be friendly! This will usually have the effect of defusing any confrontation and will make the complainant feel that they are being heard.

This is crucial, as potential crew are judged on appearance and those first five seconds of meeting the recruitment team are essential for making a good impression. Then, listen to the complaint in full. Is this alright with you?

Speak appropriately, listen carefully and encourage other team members to join in.

How to shine at your cabin crew assessment day

Where do they fly to? It is rare to get a job as cabin crew after just one or two interviews. Look the part already and not only will you feel more confident but you will let the recruiters see how you will look as part of their crew.Cabin crew assessment days are never easy and it has to be one of the most stressful job interviews ever!

But with these 10 great hints and tips from Cabin Crew Consultant, Patricia Green, you should stand out from the crowd, and soon be on your way to your dream cabin crew career.

On a regular basis every crew member is trained by our staff and some visiting trainers in the areas of sales awareness, selling techniques, product awareness, product merchandising and product knowledge. In addition, with every refresher course a duty free training session is included in the cabin crew’s training programme.

It is the crew that don’t see what they do as a job but as a way to get paid to do something so fun, so rewarding and a job that gets to make you. Unit Cabin service – Selling techniques 42 To achieve the Level 2 Certificate in Introduction to Cabin Crew (Technical Certificate), learners must achieve a minimum of 25 credits from units – Level 2 Certificate in Introduction to Cabin Crew () 7.

Cabin Crew—selling techniques Creating a positive image Creating a positive image is an important part of being in the airline industry.

I have chosen to look at Virgin Atlantic. For Cabin Crew: Problem Solving Techniques Category: blog Working as a cabin crew may sometimes face you with difficulties in communicating with the passengers or in satisfying their needs.

Cabin crew selling techniques
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