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While these things do bring temporary happiness, they are not permanent. More essays like this: Human nature is what inspires one to be good, but circumstance changes that. As a young man, Boethius entered into a successful political career, becoming a consul and senator in the year This change in circumstance may cause a loss of possessions and reputation.

Although he is best known for the philosophical dialogue Consolatio Philosophiae Consolation of Philosophy, c. Emotions cannot be controlled. In politics, one must assess the current situation and then look into the future to decide how they will handle things.

Written early in his career, the De institutione arithmetica c. They must look within to find the contentment that every person should possess to find happiness.

Boethius’ Philosophy Essay Sample

Next, Fortune is very unstable. To being, Boethius says that happiness cannot be attained by tangible things. One should be content with their current situation and not rely on outside things to make them happy. This kind of happiness cannot be obtained through possessions.

Although it is unclear exactly where Boethius received his instruction, by the time he reached manhood he was proficient in Greek and well-versed in philosophy and scientific thought.

Things such as wealth, power and fame cannot provide true happiness. These things are things that are granted to one by Fortune but can be easily taken away by her as well. Learning to have good judgment and reason through education helps one be content and can also help on when they have political power.

If one possesses something that they have the chance of losing, it is not truly theirs to begin with.

Because of circumstance, that good person may have done something out of character to warrant this awful occurrence.Boethius Critical Essays. Homework Help (Consolation of Philosophy, c), Boethius is equally significant in the history of Western civilization for his transmission of Greek and Roman.

Boethius Critical Essays

The Consolation of Philosophy study guide contains a biography of Ancius Boethius, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Home › Essay Examples › Philosophy › Boethius the Consolation of Ph Though his name does not inspire the same familiarity as Socrates or Plato, Boethius is nonetheless a magnificent philosopher worthy of his historical standing.

Boethius’ Philosophy Essay Sample. Happiness, according to Boethius, is something that comes from within. Happiness is not found in things that are materialistic and tangible.

The Confliction of Good and Evil - The Confliction of Good and Evil In Boethius’s book, The Consolation of Philosophy, Boethius talks to Lady Philosophy about the pursuit of happiness, fate and free will, good, God, and evil, and fortune.

The Consolation of Philosophy - In book III of The Consolation of Philosophy, Boethius establishes the fact that God is the world's helmsman, the divine reason, the supreme good, the origin of all things.

Boethius philosophy essay
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