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Jesuit missionaries are trying to encourage the local Algonquin Indians to embrace Christianity, with thus far only limited results. Samuel de Champlainfounder of the settlement, sends Father LaForgue, a young Jesuit priest, to find a distant Catholic mission in a Huron village.

As they journey across the lakes and forests, Daniel and Annuka fall in love, to the discomfort of the celibate LaForgue. An intertitle explains that fifteen years later, the Huron were massacred by the Iroquois, and the French mission was destroyed.

He encourages Chomina and the other Algonquins to abandon the two Frenchmen and travel instead to a winter hunting lodge. Plot[ edit ] Set in New France in in the period of conflicts known as the Beaver Warsthe film begins in the settlement that will one day become Quebec City.

That night Annuka seduces their guard, allowing him to engage in coitus with her. Chomina, dying of a wound from his capture, sees a small grove he has dreamed of many times before, and realizes it is the place he is destined to die.

LaForgue accepts his fate, but Daniel is determined to stay with Annuka and follows the Indians as they march across the forest. As Chomina freezes to death in the snow, he sees the She-Manitou appearing to him. The film ends with a golden sunrise. When their leader asks LaForgue if he loves them, LaForgue thinks of the faces of all the Indians he has met on his journey, and answers "Yes".

The group meet with a band of MontagnaisFirst Nations people who have never met Frenchmen before. He and a few other members of the Algonquin tribe return with Daniel to try to find LaForgue.

The leader then asks him to baptize them, and the Hurons accept Christianity. He accuses him of being a devil. As the weather grows colder, Annuka and Daniel take LaForgue to the outskirts of the Huron settlement, but leave him to enter it alone, because Chomina had dreamed that this must happen.

With winter approaching, the journey will be difficult and cover as much as miles. LaForgue finds all but one of the French inhabitants dead, murdered by the Hurons who blamed them for a smallpox epidemic.

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When his orgasm distracts him she strikes him with a caribou hoof, rendering him unconscious and allowing them to escape. This they do, paddling away from the Frenchmen. The leader of the last survivors tells LaForgue that the Hurons are dying, and he should offer to save them by baptizing them.

LaForgue tries, unsuccessfully, to persuade Chomina to embrace Christ before he dies. LaForgue is accompanied on his journey by a non-Jesuit assistant, Daniel, and a group of Algonquin Indians whom Champlain has charged with guiding him to the Huron village.

This group includes Chomina August Schellenberg - an older, experienced traveller who has clairvoyant dreams; his wife Tantoo Cardinal ; and Annuka Sandrine Holttheir daughter. LaForgue confronts the Hurons.Paper 1 – Black Robe The film Black Robe is set in Quebec, New France in The Jesuits put together a missionary with the approval of Captain Champlain to travel up the St.

Lawrence River to try and convert the native tribes. Black Robe Film Essay Throughout history, cultural and religious clashes and interests have been always the source of conflicts around the world.

Those kinds of clashes, conflicts, and beliefs have always led to colonialism, racism, and superiority complex. Black Robe Introduction There were several clashes of cultures between the European and the Native Americans during the 17th century.

The film, ‘Black Robe’ depicts some of the differences in culture and beliefs between the French and the native Indians. Essay about The Failure of Black Robe's Cinematic Redemption - The Failure of Black Robe's Cinematic Redemption Works Cited Missing Musings over Talk Radio [1] I've been listening to talk radio lately.

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Black robe is quite a rare and popular topic for writing an essay, but it certainly is in our database. "Black Robe", a story written by novelist Brian Moore, is a film some say is a "story that preludes to nothing", however, I believe that the film did an excellent job /5(5).

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