Athletes should set a good example to childrens who look up to them

Encourage your child to become involved in activities that reflect your values, such as religious programs, athletics, after school programs, clubs, or volunteering Remind your child that he or she does not have to do everything that the role model does.

About one in three teens also perceived wild parties and careless sex as regular parts of the social lives of famous athletes. Some parents may want to help their children choose positive role models. No one pays attention when the name is some part-time scrub.

Kids believe taunting an opponent is also commonplace 62 percent in youth sports, as is taking a cheap shot or hitting someone on the opposing team 45 percent.

Listen, no one is oblivious to the fact that cheating has been going on in sports Teach them just because someone else does something that does not meant they are required to do that as well. Tim Duncan Gary A. His competitive nature is evident on the field, but unlike a player like Tom Brady, Manning feels totally comfortable making fun of himself.

I am paid to wreak havoc on the basketball court. But is it worth your life, your dignity and your morals? For example, fans in person or watching on TV can see all kinds of things during a Steelers game, but people clad in No.

Because our kids are watching. However Fitzgerald is far from the typical NFL wide receiver, and is universally recognized for his humble nature. Children look up to a variety of role models to help shape how they behave in school, relationships, or when making difficult decisions.

Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, clothing etc. Their little endorsement deals can also be harmful. Still, should pro athletes be the people whom young athletes perceive as heroes? The reigning Finals MVP has also never wavered in his loyalty to his organization, resigning his contract with no big to do unlike other players in the past.

For many children, the most important role models are their parents and caregivers.

Famous Athletes Setting Good Examples

Olympia, just two days after he took second place in the event. I like the fact that names were mentioned.

This leads to kids dressing like strippers and hookers which would cause a rise in sexual activity due to the exposed skin. Whereas some would celebrate this accomplishment by buying a new car or house, Kershaw has other plans.

Could that have been the reason the Warriors went 12 years without making the playoffs? They believe lessons and messages about achievement and personal growth can be gleaned from pro athletes, college All-Americans or even the neighbor next door who earned playing time on the varsity football team after not playing much in junior high but working hard to get better.

They dress very scantily and inappropriately all because they want to show off what is wanted in society. But mom, make sure you give him some space.

Have your child identify what qualities he admires in his role model Give examples of people in your community who you feel have positive qualities and are a good influence on others Talk about people you look up to for guidance and inspiration Negative role models, however, may also influence children.

She even went so far as to write a book about being clean. The charity provides supplies and support to African orphans, by the way of an orphanage that Kershaw and his wife built in They were always there for me.

Brees established the Dream Foundation, which worked with Operation Kids to rebuild schools and athletic facilities in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Fitzgerald has been recorded as repeatedly being the first player on the field, and the last to leave, attempting to cement his status as "Sticky Fingers".

Even if New England goes and wins its fourth Super Bowl, being busted for cheating in Week 1 will always be a part of the conversation. Celebrities are used as a way to hype up attention for anything.

Especially if the athletes themselves as stated by Barkley and repeated by many others since then do not want the job. But they went to all my games.

She actually was so good at the sport that she took home a gold medal in at the Paralympic Winter Games. Firstly, there needs to be greater precision as to what constitutes "bringing the game into disrepute".

Thirty-four percent also believed sports stars received special treatment if they break the law. The only way we can begin to save the youth of today is starts at the very beginning with their morals, values, and beliefs.Celebrities and athletes can be a good example sometimes, our own.

Today’s children see Celebrities as role models, however they are seen as role models for the wrong reasons and set a bad example for children.

Many children and young athletes look up to them as Heroes in our society. There may be numerous reasons.

Children – keeping them active

Pro athletes setting bad example for today's youth. We should care. Because our kids are watching. And football has had its share of troubled athletes.

Will people ever look. "Why are athletes alone held to higher standards?" good question. The answer tends to be because our children look up to them. Kids looking up to sporting stars but not lawyers, or politicians.

While Barkley may be right in the fact that not many people can become an elite athletes, that doesn’t mean that people can’t look up to the values that those athletes represent. The ironic part of Barkley’s campaign is that despite renouncing his status as a role model, he inspired countless kids to become successful basketball players.

Nine out of 10 kids said famous athletes teach children mostly “good things.” But some of the lessons learned from athletes are less than admirable, researchers say. Three-fourths of the 1, to year-olds and 1, parents surveyed said athletes teach children that being a good sport and playing fair are as important as winning.

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Athletes should set a good example to childrens who look up to them
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