Analysis of pres obamas speeches

President Obama repeats this persuasive tactic almost exactly with the elderly. The second component of each example that motivates the audience to process the facts also presents an inarguable position, giving the speaker significant credibility. And yet, even in such circumstance, humour—used appropriately—can lighten the mood for a few moments before the speaker returns to the main, serious topic.

King, use two different modes of discourse when addressing white vs. At 36 minutes, it is not short, but it is worth watching in full.

Indeed, as I write this post, the sniping has already started and it is fierce.

Speeches of Barack Obama

And by the way, it happens on the streets of Chicago every day. The close study of these various components makes it possible to take each specific example and compare it to the others and to the applicable persuasive theories.

It can be seen more clearly when the president makes points that rely less on facts and more on an appeal to certain groups. Research, science, those are good things, they work.

My X-ray analysis of that speech is meant not as a final word on that historical moment, but as an invitation, a doorway to a room where we can all reflect on American history and the American language.

It was the spring of and Barack Obama was running for president. Obama is talking about a very difficult subject. For example, he covered job growth and education reform: The same facts that served to calm any cognitive dissonance the Analysis of pres obamas speeches may have been experiencing also provided an opportunity to proactively persuade them the central route component of the ELM.

What comes next is "Two hundred and twenty one years ago," an opening that places him in the tradition of Lincoln at Gettysburg and Dr. When inspected with the eye, these moves become more apparent, like reading a piece of sheet music for a difficult song and finally recognizing the chord changes.

The use of facts is a very effective method of soothing cognitive dissonance. Through this kind of examination, it is clear that this particular example is extremely effective persuasion.

A positive speech won people over One of the key persuasive concerns of any political candidate is Problematic Integration Theory. And there are many more: A time before black lives were said to matter in a more assertive way.

The power of allusion and its patriotic associations. After hearing so much factual support, it would be much easier for voters to place their confidence in a president that delivered so many positive things in the face of so much adversity.

All of us need to demand governors and legislatures and businesses do their part to make our communities safer. When received in the ear, these effects breeze through us like a harmonious song.

Symbolic Convergence Theory Symbolic Convergence Theory plays into these examples of peripheral route processing as well.

To dispel the fears of some white Americans and to advance Analysis of pres obamas speeches chances for election, Obama delivered a major address on race in America, a speech that was praised even by some of his adversaries.

The popular opinion is that our current president, though plain spoken, is clumsy with language. Obama usually speaks with a teleprompter but as far as I can tell from the video, he did not use one in this case.

Appropriate use of humour. He identifies strongly with the military when he sincerely and passionately commends them: A time before fake news was anything more dangerous that a piece of satire in the Onion. It is an encouraging fact and he capitalizes on it by motivating the audience to take that information and consider their choices: The President does this with double-edged presentations of both facts and ambitions such as: His ability to include himself as a character in a narrative about race.

President Obama continues to respond to the concerns of Cognitive Dissonance Theory throughout his speech. Convincing constituents that policy promises are both likely and worthwhile is, in a perfect world, the only thing candidates would concern themselves with.

Some are obvious, like reducing the deficit, and some required more explanation, like how improved education will help train Americans to do the jobs that the government and private sector are working so hard to create and thus strengthen the domestic economy Obama, All of us need to stand up and protect its citizens.

A time just before the Great Recession. Fair or not, this perception has produced a hope that our next president will be a more powerful communicator, a Kennedy or Reagan, perhaps, who can use language less as a way to signal ideology and more as a means to bring the disparate parts of the nation together.

In this case, his claim and the subsequent promises to continue supporting the military both in the budget and on a more personal level do not rely on facts. Many people in the audience were either victims of gun violence or had lost loved ones to gun violence.

Yes, he had his notes, but he spoke freely and even improvised from time to time.Jan 10,  · Watch video · Analysis: Keep hope alive? Obama defends his presidency. Before a sea of supporters at McCormick Place, Obama on Tuesday delivered what is expected to be his final formal address to the nation.

Excellent analysis, John — just the thing I was looking for this morning. Love him or not, Obama has assembled a vast portfolio of great speeches over his career.

Analysis of Obama`s Victory Speech The presidential victory speech delivered by Barack Obama who is the president to be was held on November 4,in Grant Park, Chicago. It is about his won election for the office as the president.

A Rhetorical Analysis of Barack Obama's "Interfaith Prayer Vigil" Words Feb 19th, 3 Pages Two days later, President Barack Obama addressed the nation with an interfaith prayer vigil at Newtown High School to help remember those who had lost their lives, and also to convince the nation that changes need to be made.

In speeches, as in homilies, stories almost always carry the weight of parable, with moral lessons to be drawn.

Analysis of President Obama's 2012 DNC Speech

Most memorable, of course, is the story at the end of the speech --. Below is the full text of President Obama's remarks at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night.

Yellow-highlighted text inlcudes more context for his comments.

Analysis of pres obamas speeches
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