An analysis of the rise of digital music and the options of the music industry

In the end, most musicians gave in to the fact that online streaming technology is what the future entails, and though more difficult than the old-fashioned way, there is still plenty of money to be made by streaming their music.

In line with the growth in number of users, revenue from streaming services is forecast to rise and become the most profitable digital music format in the U.

Making Music in the Digital Age: How Technology Transforms the Music Industry

Though custom playlists are recommended to them via complex algorithms, users are not prevented from stepping out of their bubble, connecting with new artists and fans, and developing a new taste in music. Major record labels faced a major dilemma. What is the Art of Noise? Once people realize that change is inevitable, and that progress is optional, everything will move forward a lot smoother.

This personalization based on things such as listening preferences, gender, age, and location all play a role in what music is delivered.

Prior to the advent of social media, this level of interaction was next to impossible. This report covers activities such as music, entertainment, artist management, tickets, records and includes a wealth of Share YouTube turned 10 years old in February of this year, signaling a decade of freely accessible streaming content.

In the past we had gatefold vinyl and we still have the CD booklet to give you an insight into the artist through images, liner notes and lyrics. And to top it off, they could customize what they downloaded, getting only the music they wanted, as opposed to having to purchase an entire album for one favorite song title.

The Effect of Digital & Social Media on the Music Industry

These new developments in how audio is manipulated are not the only ones the music industry has seen. The initial stage from approximately to of the digital music revolution was the emergence of peer-to-peer P2P networks that allowed the free exchange of music files such as Kazaa and Napster.

This turns the sound into a truly social object and we allow listeners to leave timed comments along the waveform. What the industry needs to change is the contextual element. What does the music industry need to do in order to maximise digital and social opportunities?

Rise of Digital Formats Stops the Music Industry's Decline

Total revenues for CDsvinylcassettes and digital downloads in the U. Americans were estimated to spend monthly about 6. Delivered twice a week, straight to your inbox. The iPod and iTunes system for music storage and playback became immensely popular, and many consumers began to transfer their physical recording media such as CDs onto computer hard drives.

Using headphones on a portable device, such a smartphone or music player, is also a popular way to listen music in the U. Many newer artists no longer see any kind of " record deal " as an integral part of their business plan at all. That is not to say that those in the music industry are going unprotected, however, and that the consumers have the right to access music for free no matter what.

Instances like these have strained the relationship with the music industry and YouTube, but the former understands and respects the prevalence of the latter. So the music industry needs to help cultivate an environment where startups can succeed in creating new technologies that will help bring value back to music.

Plus, better fan connections have been forged with online streaming. The major music-only stores such as Tower Records which once wielded considerable influence in the industry went bankrupt, replaced by box stores such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy. In terms of devices, Americans use computer speakers the most to listen to music; about 55 percent of them stated using this device for listening to music.

One of the most precious things of the past was giving someone a mix tape in an order you found compelling.

The Role of YouTube In the Music industry

The ease with which people can access music, either legally via iTunes, Spotify and other such platforms, or illegally via file sharing has coincided and perhaps been a prime mover in the drop off in physical music sales, much to the chagrin of those in the industry.

Amazon operates the most professional online marketplace in the world. The rise of digital music consumption options contributed to a few fundamental changes in consumption.Discover all statistics and data on Digital Music Industry now on!

for sales and analysis purposes services is forecast to rise and become the most profitable digital music. The Rise and Fall of Digital Music Distribution Services: a Cross-Case Comparison of, Napster and Kazaa restructuring of the music industry.

The research was bound by the systems of innovation conceptual sub-unit of analysis is the stakeholders that interact with the online music.

Top Analyst Downgrades Spotify to ‘HOLD,’ Citing Slower Consumer Interest

Music Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis. The music industry comprises of a variety of firms, companies and independents. Over the years, the market has adapted well to the many changes. largely due to digital music selling at a lower price Read More. Global Stock Music Market Jul 09, | USD 2, Mar 25,  · There is plenty of good news in the music industry’s latest sales edging out digital downloads as the industry’s biggest source of revenue.

In a rough analysis of the recording. s in the music industry Jump to navigation record companies, promoters, retail music stores, the technology industry, and consumers. The rise of digital music consumption options contributed to a few fundamental changes in consumption.

which constitutes only a portion of total online music exchanged. Statistical analysis suggests. Sensitivity Analysis. The Role of YouTube In the Music industry. By Zaw Thiha Tun. artists may offer a differing opinion; according to Digital Music News.

An analysis of the rise of digital music and the options of the music industry
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