A description of marco polo as the only venetian to travel to china

The other barons sit at other tables lower still. In those suburbs lodge the foreign merchants and travellers, of whom there are always great numbers who have come to bring presents to the Emperor, or to sell articles at Court, or because the city affords so good a mart to attract traders.

Close on either side of this great gate is a smaller one by which all other people pass; and then towards each angle is another great gate, also open to people in general; so that on that side there are five gates in all.

The family had traded with the Middle East for a long time, acquiring considerable wealth and prestige. This combination is fortunate for us, since his writings offer a window onto the world of the thirteenth century. And they were well served and attended to in all their needs.

At Yarkand, he described that the locals were extremely prone to goiter, which Marco blamed on the local drinking water.

Marco Polo

Travels made Polo an instant celebrity after his return to Venice, both for his descriptions of faraway lands and for what his countrymen suspected was wild fabrication.

During their trip across Iran they were robbed of some of their gold and jewels. They know nothing of handling arms, and keep none in their houses. In the north the French empire was the strongest. Marco Polo was the first Westerner to mention the Pamirs, which he said "is the highest place in the world.

He recieved a good education that included, among other things, classes in French and Italian.

The rice-wine also makes a great return, as does coal, of which there is a great quantity; and so do the twelve guilds of craftsmen that I told you of, with their 12, stations apiece, for they must pay tax on every article they make.

This serves also as a defence to the city, and the earth dug from it has been thrown inwards, forming a kind of mound enclosing the city.

He was observant about cultures that were very different from his own and able to describe them without much bias. Book Two describes China and the court of Kublai Khan.

Often, too, he enters the park with a leopard on the crupper of his horse; when he feels inclined, he lets it go and thus catches a hare or stag or roebuck to give to the gyrfalcons that he keeps in the mew. Hawhowever, challenges this idea that Polo exaggerated his own importance, writing that, "contrary to what has often been said Marco Polo also wrote "people are accustomed to eat the raw flesh of fowls, sheep, oxen and buffalo Shortly after a civil war broke out between Barka and his cousin Hulagu, which made it impossible for the Polos to return with the same route as they came.

Marco Polo and his travels

Ariel Sabar wrote in Smithsonian Magazine,"For a guy who claimed to spend 17 years in China as a confidant of Kublai Khan, Marco Polo left a surprisingly skimpy paper trail.

His knowledge of culture and business made Marco Polo very observant of humans, animals, and plants, as well as anything that might touch upon commercial opportunities.

Polo had therefore completed the story by providing information not found in either source. At first charcoal was used in the production process, leading to deforestation of large parts of north China. Any one who should see the supply of fish in the market would suppose it impossible that such a quantity could ever be sold; and yet in a few hours the whole shall be cleared away; so great is the number of inhabitants who are accustomed to delicate living.

The brothers Maffeo and Niccilo Polo went on to Surai, on the Volga river, where they traded for a year. And thus on reaching the post the runner finds another man similarly equipt, and all ready to take his place, who instantly takes over whatsoever he has in charge, and with it receives a slip of paper from the clerk, who is always at hand for the purpose; and so the new man sets off and runs his three miles.

Il milione is better understood not as biography but as part of the vernacular didactic literatureof which the Middle Ages offer many examples. But the power of those 12 barons is so great that they choose the governors for all those 34 great provinces that I have mentioned.

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Explorer Marco Polo 'never actually went to China'

So, instead of going by sea, the Polos continued to travel over land, from Homurz to Kerman, passing places such as Herat and Balk. The Polo party left Venice in Every city, or village, or hamlet that stands near one has a fixed demand made on it for as many horses as it can supply.

Sometimes there would be at these palaces a hundred different parties; some holding a banquet, others celebrating a wedding; and yet all would find good accommodations in the different apartments and pavilions, and that all was so well ordered that one party was never in the way of another.

And up and down the city there are beautiful palaces, and many great and fine inns and fine houses in great numbers. The city has 16 other great trading cities under its rule.(Suggestion: Refer to a contemporary travel guide on China for a description of the Imperial Palace (Palace Museum) and Coal Hill to see the similarities between the places as Marco Polo described them and as they are today.).

Wood maintains that it is more probable that Polo only went to Constantinople (modern Istanbul, Turkey) and some of the Italian merchant colonies around the Black Sea, picking hearsay from those travellers who had been farther east.


Marco Polo: to China and back. New York: Benchmark Books. Wikivoyage has a travel guide for On the trail Known for: The Travels of Marco Polo. Marco Polo's China: A Venetian in the Realm of Khubilai Khan (Routledge Studies in the Early History of Asia) - Kindle edition by Stephen G.

Haw. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Marco Polo's China: A Venetian in the Realm of Khubilai 5/5(1).

Marco Polo did not travel far ever again; he mostly remained in Venice until his death in Alledgedly, one of the last things he said on his deathbed was “I have only told the half of what I saw!”. Marco Polo's description of the Far East and its riches inspired Christopher Columbus's decision to try to reach Asia by sea, The Travels of Marco Polo The Venetian Translated and Edited by William Marsden Re-edited by Thomas Wright; Stephen G.

Marco Polo Went to China After All, Study Suggests

Marco Polo's China: A Venetian in the Realm of Khubilai Khan. (London ; New York:. Marco Polo was one of the first and most famous Europeans to travel to Asia during the Middle Ages. He traveled farther than any of his predecessors during his year journey along the Silk Road.

A description of marco polo as the only venetian to travel to china
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